May 31, 2010
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Special Rules on the Labor Protection of Female Employees [Effective]
女职工劳动保护特别规定 [现行有效]
Order of the State Council
(No. 619)
The Special Rules on the Labor Protection of Female Employees, as adopted at the 200th executive meeting of the State Council on April 18, 2012, are hereby issued, and shall come into force on the date of issuance.
Premier: Wen Jiabao
April 28, 2012
Special Rules on the Labor Protection of Female Employees


总 理  温家宝
Article 1 These Rules are formulated in order to reduce and resolve the special difficulties which female employees may have in the course of their labor due to their physiological characteristics, and to protect their health.
   第一条 为了减少和解决女职工在劳动中因生理特点造成的特殊困难,保护女职工健康,制定本规定。
Article 2 These Rules shall apply to employers such as state organs, enterprises, public institutions, social organizations, individual economic organizations and other social organizations within the territory of the People's Republic of China and their female employees.
   第二条 中华人民共和国境内的国家机关、企业、事业单位、社会团体、个体经济组织以及其他社会组织等用人单位及其女职工,适用本规定。
Article 3 Employers shall strengthen the labor protection of female employees, take measures to improve labor safety and health conditions for female employees, and provide training on labor safety and health knowledge to female employees.
   第三条 用人单位应当加强女职工劳动保护,采取措施改善女职工劳动安全卫生条件,对女职工进行劳动安全卫生知识培训。
Article 4 Employers shall abide by the provisions on the scope of prohibited labor for female employees. An employer shall notify in writing the female employees of the positions which fall within the scope of prohibited labor for female employees.
The scope of prohibited labor for female employees shall be listed in the Annex to these Rules. The work safety administrative department of the State Council shall, jointly with the administrative department of human resources and social security of the State Council and the health administrative department of the State Council, make adjustments to the scope of prohibited labor for female employees in light of economic and social development.
   第四条 用人单位应当遵守女职工禁忌从事的劳动范围的规定。用人单位应当将本单位属于女职工禁忌从事的劳动范围的岗位书面告知女职工。
Article 5 No employer shall reduce the wages of, dismiss, or rescind the labor or employment contract with a female employee due to pregnancy, childbirth or breast feeding.
   第五条 用人单位不得因女职工怀孕、生育、哺乳降低其工资、予以辞退、与其解除劳动或者聘用合同。
Article 6 Where a female employee is no longer competent at her original labor during the period of pregnancy, the employer shall, based on the certificate of a medical institution, reduce the volume of labor or arrange other labor that she is competent at.
The employer shall not prolong labor hours or arrange night-shift labor for female employees in or after the seventh month of pregnancy and shall give certain rest time during their labor hours.
The time spent by pregnant female employees on antenatal examination during labor hours shall be included in labor hours.
   第六条 女职工在孕期不能适应原劳动的,用人单位应当根据医疗机构的证明,予以减轻劳动量或者安排其他能够适应的劳动。
Article 7 The maternity leave of female employees shall be 98 days, including 15 days of antenatal leave. An extra maternity leave of 15 days shall be granted in case of dystocia. Female employees who bear more than one baby in a single birth shall be granted an extra maternity leave of 15 days for each additional baby borne.
Female employees who have a miscarriage before the fourth month of pregnancy shall be granted 15 days of maternity leave; and female employees who have a miscarriage in or after the fourth month of pregnancy shall be granted 42 days of maternity leave.
   第七条 女职工生育享受98天产假,其中产前可以休假15天;难产的,增加产假15天;生育多胞胎的,每多生育1个婴儿,增加产假15天。
Article 8 The maternity subsidy for female employees who have participated in maternity insurance during their maternity leave shall be paid by the maternity insurance fund and calculated on the basis of the average monthly wages of employees paid by employers during the previous year; and the maternity subsidy for female employees who have not participated in maternity insurance shall be paid by the employers and calculated on the basis of the wages of female employees prior to their maternity leave.
   第八条 女职工产假期间的生育津贴,对已经参加生育保险的,按照用人单位上年度职工月平均工资的标准由生育保险基金支付;对未参加生育保险的,按照女职工产假前工资的标准由用人单位支付。

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