May 31, 2010
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Opinions of the People's Government of Beijing Municipality on Further Expanding the Opening to the Outside World and Improving the Quality and Level of the Utilization of Foreign Funds [Expired]
北京市人民政府关于进一步扩大对外开放提高利用外资质量和水平的意见 [失效]
Opinions of the People's Government of Beijing Municipality on Further Expanding the Opening to the Outside World and Improving the Quality and Level of the Utilization of Foreign Funds
[No.11 (2001) of the People's Government of Beijing Municipality]
The people's governments of all districts and counties, the commissions, offices and bureaus of the municipal government, and all the municipal agencies:
In order to follow the guiding principles of the Fifth Plenary Session of the Fifteenth Party Central Committee and the sixth meeting of the eighth municipal Party committee, to perform the tasks presented by the resolution of the fourth meeting of the eleventh people's congress of Beijing Municipality, the municipal government has decided: to further expand the opening to the outside world, to utilize foreign funds actively, reasonably and effectively, to embrace the new phase of the opening to the outside world in a more active way and to promote the utilization of foreign investment of the whole municipality to a new stage. All relevant departments of the municipal government shall improve their understanding and cooperate with one another closely, take into account the actual circumstances of this municipality and substantially improve the quality and level of the utilization of foreign funds. The following opinions on further expanding the opening to the outside world and improving the quality and level of the utilization of foreign funds are hereby delivered to you:


1.Getting a clear understanding of the situation and seizing opportunities, opening up a new prospect of the utilization of foreign funds.
(1) Getting a full understanding of the new situation that the utilization of foreign funds faces, seizing and making good use of the favorable international and domestic opportunities. At present, the world economy is in adjustment and changes, the trend of globalization is obviously boosting; the economy of China is growing, the entry into the World Trade Organization (WTO) will contribute to the China's participation in the progress of economic globalization in a larger range and to a deeper extent; Beijing Municipality takes the application for the host of the Olympic Games of 2008 as a turning point and has accelerated the pace of economic development and city construction. However, unsteady and uncertain factors have increased in the world economy; China's participation in the WTO will present new requirements to the government management model, enterprise operation mechanism and economy performance rules. These situations have brought very rare opportunities, as well as challenges, to the utilization of foreign funds.
(2) Freeing from the old ideas and seizing the opportunities to advance, starting to get new achievements of the utilization of foreign funds. As the opening to the outside world continues to expand, foreign-funded enterprises have spread over the key industries and main trades of the whole municipality, and have played a unique role in the national economy. Utilizing foreign funds more and better is affecting the overall strategy of economic and social development of the capital city, and is significant to the present and the future. At present, it is necessary to grasp the basic laws and characteristics of the circulation of international capital, to further free from and change the old ideas, to seize opportunities and to meet challenges, to eliminate the passive ideas of sticking to old ways, satisfying with small achievements, and sitting back and waiting for chances, to enhance the foresight, initiative and creativeness of attracting foreign funds, to improve the work style and management model, to create the first-class investment environment, to attract foreign funds in a more active, reasonable and effective way, and to create favorable conditions for the leaping development of the national economy.
(3) Clarifying the thoughts and emphasizing the key points, perfecting the full-scale, multilevel and broad-field opening situation. The overall guidance of attracting foreign funds is: to insist on the guideline of utilizing foreign funds actively, reasonably and effectively according to the principles of “Three Beneficials” (be beneficial to the development of socialism productive forces, to the strengthening of overall national strength and to the improvement of living standard of the people) and the important thoughts of “Three Represents” (the CPC represents the requirement to develop advanced productive forces, an orientation towards advanced culture and the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the people in China), according to the overall requirements of the state and of the outlines of the Tenth Five-Year Plan of this municipality, and in the light of the actual needs of China's entry into the WTO and participation in the international cooperation and competition; to establish effective mechanism and project reserve system for attracting investments from overseas by focusing on perfecting the investment environment, so as to realize new breakthroughs in the ideas, models and fields of attracting foreign funds; to continue optimizing the structure of foreign investments and to lead the foreign funds to be invested in key industries and important fields; to improve the increase quality and the international competitive strength of foreign-funded enterprises, to promote the strategic adjustment of the economic structure and to boost the development of the opening economy of the capital city.
2.Optimizing the structure of utilization of foreign funds, and actively guiding the foreign funds to be invested in key industries and important fields.
(1) Actively attracting foreign funds to be invested in the high-and new-tech industry and thus to drive the adjustment of the industrial structure of the whole municipality. Carrying out the Circular of the People's Government of Beijing Municipality on Printing and Distributing the Opinions on the Implementation of the Several Policies of the State Council on Encouraging the Development of the Software Industry and Integrate Circuit Industry [No.4 (2001) of the People's Government of Beijing Municipality], and implementing the preferential policies on such aspects as input, loans, use of land, taxation, etc as soon as possible. Integrating and making good and full use of the existing relevant policies on encouraging foreign investments in the new-and high-tech industry. Further studying and formulating the measures for the implementation of the changeover of regional policies to industrial policies, and the measures for the extension of trade policies to relevant fields, in order to build a policy system favorable for foreign funds to enter into the field of high and new technologies. Accelerating the pace of utilizing foreign funds and advanced applicable technologies to reform the traditional industries, launching the processing and manufacturing with high added-value in order to form the industrial chain which matches the high-and new-tech industry. Actively guiding foreign funds to be invested in modern agriculture in order to promote the industrialization and modernization progress of agriculture.
(2) Perfecting the compensation and remuneration mechanism of investment, leading foreign businessmen to invest in the infrastructure construction. Enhancing the study of policies on utilizing foreign funds in infrastructure. According to international customs and general rules, speeding up the system reform of infrastructure investing and financing, and realizing the investing, construction and operation of infrastructure in the ways of enterprise. Under the circumstances that the present prices of products and services are lower than they should be, giving appropriate compensation to the construction projects of commercial infrastructure invested by foreign businessmen, or allowing the foreign businessmen to develop cultural and sport industries such as commerce, tourism and entertainment, etc, along the line of the construction projects. With regard to projects of large-scale investments, of which the funds can't be recouped in a short term, the government shall put in some amount of capital stock that is operated in the ways of market.

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