May 31, 2010
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Circular of the State Council on Promoting the Continuous and Healthy Development of the Real Estate Markets [Effective]
国务院关于促进房地产市场持续健康发展的通知 [现行有效]
Circular of the State Council on Promoting the Continuous and Healthy Development of the Real Estate Markets

The people's governments of all provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the Central Government, all departments and commissions of the State Council, and all institutions directly under the State Council,
It has been five years since the promulgation of the Circular of the State Council on Further Deepening the Urban Housing System Reform and Accelerating Housing Construction (No. 23 [1998] of the State Council), the urban housing system reform has been deepened, the housing construction has been sped up, the housing consumption has been started effectively, and the housing conditions of the citizens have been improved greatly. And the continuous development of the real estate markets focusing on the dwelling houses has played an important role in promoting the increase of the economy and improving the people's living standard. At the same time, we could see that the development of the real estate markets of our county is still imbalanced, the structural contradiction on the supply and demand of the dwelling houses in some regions is still obvious, the price of the realty and the investment in it are over increased; the service systems of the real estate markets are still distempered, the housing consumption still needs to be expanded; the development and transaction acts of the real estate are not normative, and the supervision and regulation and control of the real estate markets are to be perfected. Therefore, in order to promote the continuous and healthy development of the real estate markets, we hereby make the following notice concerning the relevant issues:


I.Improving the understanding, and nailing down the guiding principles
1. The significance of the continuous and healthy development of the real estate markets shall be fully understood. The real estate industry has a high degree of conjunction and strong driving force, which has become the backbone industry of the national economy. To promote the continuous and healthy development of the real estate markets is the basic requirements for improving the housing standard of the citizens, improving the inhabitation quality, and meeting the demands of the material and cultural life of the masses; and the effective measures for boosting consumption, enlarging the domestic demands, promoting the increase of the investment, and keeping the continuous, rapid and healthy development of the national economy; as well as the effective way for bringing the advantages of the human resources into full play, enlarging the social employment. It is of great significance to realize the continuous and healthy development of the realty markets for building a well-off society in an all-round way, and speeding up the socialist modernization.
2. The guiding principles for the development of the real estate markets shall be further nailed down. The basic orientation for the marketization of the dwelling houses shall be adhered to, the real estate markets system shall be improved continuously, and the foundational functions of the markets in the allocation of the resources shall be brought into greater play; and the supply structure shall be adjusted according to the guidance of demands so as to meet the demands for houses of the families with different incomes; the reform shall be deepened in order to eliminate the obstacles of system and policy that may influence the housing consumption of the citizens, and the establishment and improvement of the housing safeguard system which fits in with the situation of our country shall be sped up; the macro-control shall be strengthened to realize a general balance of the gross of real estate markets, and a more reasonable structure and a more stable price of the real estate markets. The measures formulated by different regions shall be adjusted to the local conditions, and decisions shall be made separately under the guidance of the uniform policy of the State, so as to enable the development of the real estate industry to be in harmony with the local economic and social development, and to coordinate with the relevant industry, and thus to promote the continuous development of the economy and the society.
II.Improving the supply policy and adjusting the supply structure
3.The policies for housing supply shall be improved. The governments in all regions shall, in light of the process of the urban housing system reform, the housing conditions of the citizens and the variation of the income levels, improve the policies for housing supply and adjust the housing supply structure, so that most families can purchase or rent ordinary commercial houses gradually. Meanwhile, the specific standards and the scope of income shall be made reasonably for those who are to be provided with the economical and functional houses or the cheap renting houses according to the local conditions.
4.The building and management of the economical houses shall be strengthened. The economical houses are the policy commercial houses with the nature of safeguard. The cost for the building of the economical houses shall be earnestly reduced through such measures as allocating the land, derating the administrative operating charges, constructing the infrastructure outside the community by the government, controlling the rate of the development loan, as well as putting into effect the tax preferential policies. The economical houses shall be strictly controlled in the sets of small and medium size, the sales price of which shall be strictly examined and approved, and the construction projects of which shall be made by bidding and tender according to law. The system of application, examination and approval, and the public summons shall be implemented concerning the economical houses, the specific measures of which shall be formulated by the people's government of the city (county). The construction of houses by collecting money or through cooperation belongs to the construction of the economical houses, of which the standard of building, the parties participating in and the preferential policies shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant provisions on the economical houses. No entity shall allocate houses in kind or develop and operate the real estate in any disguised form in the name of building houses by collecting money or through cooperation.
5.The supply of ordinary commercial residential houses shall be increased. The development of the ordinary commercial residential houses shall be sped up by taking effective measures according to the markets demands, so as to increase the proportion of their markets supply. For the building of the ordinary commercial houses, the land supply shall be adjusted, the land price shall be controlled, the items of administrative operating charges on construction and consumption shall be cleared up and gradually reduced, the construction cost shall be reduced through multi-channels, and every effort shall be made to adjust the housing price, so that the price shall be reasonable to the housing payment abilities of the families of most citizens.
6.The system for the cheap house renting shall be established and improved. The function of the governments on safeguarding the housing shall be strengthened so as to have the basic housing demands of the urban families with minimum income earnestly safeguarded. The stable and normative money resources for safeguarding the housing shall be formed with the main funds from the financial budget, and financing from multi-channels. The safeguarding levels shall be determined properly in combination with the bearing capability of the local finance and the actual housing conditions of the citizens. The housing safeguard for the families with the minimum income shall mainly be kept by granting the lease subsidy in principle, with the in kind and the lease and the verification of the rentals for reduction as the supplements.

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