May 31, 2010
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Regulation on Ensuring Payments to Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises [Not Yet Effective]
保障中小企业款项支付条例 [尚未生效]
Order of the State Council of the People's Republic of China 


(No. 728) (第728号)

The Regulation on Ensuring Payments to Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, as adopted at the 99th executive meeting of the State Council on July 1, 2020, is hereby issued, and shall come into force on September 1, 2020. 《保障中小企业款项支付条例》已经2020年7月1日国务院第99次常务会议通过,现予公布,自2020年9月1日起施行。
Premier: Li Keqiang 总 理 李克强
July 5, 2020 2020年7月5日
Regulation on Ensuring Payments to Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises 保障中小企业款项支付条例
Article 1 This Regulation is developed in accordance with the Law of the People's Republic of China on the Promotion of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and other laws in order to urge government organs, public institutions and large enterprises to make timely payments to small and medium-sized enterprises (“SMEs”), safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of SMEs, and optimize the business environment.   第一条 为了促进机关、事业单位和大型企业及时支付中小企业款项,维护中小企业合法权益,优化营商环境,根据《中华人民共和国中小企业促进法》等法律,制定本条例。
Article 2 When making payments to SMEs for the purchase of goods, projects and services, government organs, public institutions and large enterprises shall comply with this Regulation.   第二条 机关、事业单位和大型企业采购货物、工程、服务支付中小企业款项,应当遵守本条例。
Article 3 For the purposes of this Regulation, “SMEs” means the medium-sized enterprises, small-sized enterprises and micro enterprises that are legally formed within the territory of the People's Republic of China and determined according to the standards for the classification of SMEs approved by the State Council; and “large enterprises” means the enterprises other than SMEs.   第三条 本条例所称中小企业,是指在中华人民共和国境内依法设立,依据国务院批准的中小企业划分标准确定的中型企业、小型企业和微型企业;所称大型企业,是指中小企业以外的企业。
SMEs and large enterprises shall be determined based on the sizes and types of enterprises at the time of conclusion of the contracts. SMEs shall, when concluding contracts with government organs, public institutions and large enterprises, take the initiative to inform the latter that they are SMEs. 中小企业、大型企业依合同订立时的企业规模类型确定。中小企业与机关、事业单位、大型企业订立合同时,应当主动告知其属于中小企业。
Article 4 The department in charge of the comprehensive administration of the promotion of SMEs of the State Council shall provide macro guidance and conduct comprehensive coordination and supervisory inspections in respect of timely payments to SMEs by government organs, public institutions and large enterprises; and the relevant departments of the State Council shall be responsible for relevant administration work within the scope of their respective functions.   第四条 国务院负责中小企业促进工作综合管理的部门对机关、事业单位和大型企业及时支付中小企业款项工作进行宏观指导、综合协调、监督检查;国务院有关部门在各自职责范围内,负责相关管理工作。
The local people's governments at or above the county level shall be responsible for the administration of timely payments to SMEs by government organs, public institutions and large enterprises within their respective administrative regions. 县级以上地方人民政府负责本行政区域内机关、事业单位和大型企业及时支付中小企业款项的管理工作。
Article 5 Relevant industry associations and chambers of commerce shall, in accordance with laws, regulations and their respective articles of association, improve industry self-regulation, prohibit large enterprises in their respective industries from refusing or delaying payment to SMEs by taking advantage of their dominant positions, and regulate and guide their fulfillment of the obligation to make timely payments to SMEs, so as to protect the legitimate rights and interests of SMEs.   第五条 有关行业协会商会应当按照法律法规和组织章程,完善行业自律,禁止本行业大型企业利用优势地位拒绝或者迟延支付中小企业款项,规范引导其履行及时支付中小企业款项义务,保护中小企业合法权益。
Article 6 Government organs, public institutions and large enterprises shall neither require SMEs to accept unreasonable payment periods, methods, conditions, liability for breach of contracts and other transaction terms and conditions, nor default on the payments to SMEs for goods, projects and services.   第六条 机关、事业单位和大型企业不得要求中小企业接受不合理的付款期限、方式、条件和违约责任等交易条件,不得违约拖欠中小企业的货物、工程、服务款项。
SMEs shall conduct business operations according to the law, act in good faith, and provide goods, projects and services that reach the standards as agreed on in contracts. 中小企业应当依法经营,诚实守信,按照合同约定提供合格的货物、工程和服务。
Article 7 The government organs and public institutions that purchase goods, projects and services from SMEs with financial funds shall strictly implement the approved budget standards, and shall not make purchases without a budget or in excess of budgets.   第七条 机关、事业单位使用财政资金从中小企业采购货物、工程、服务,应当严格按照批准的预算执行,不得无预算、超预算开展采购。
The funds required for government investment projects shall be ensured readily available in accordance with relevant provisions issued by the state, and government investment projects may not be constructed with advance funds from construction contractors. 政府投资项目所需资金应当按照国家有关规定确保落实到位,不得由施工单位垫资建设。
Article 8 A government organ or public institution that purchases any goods, project or services from a SME shall make payments within 30 days from the date of delivery of the goods, project or services. If otherwise agreed on in a contract, the payment period shall not exceed 60 days.   第八条 机关、事业单位从中小企业采购货物、工程、服务,应当自货物、工程、服务交付之日起30日内支付款项;合同另有约定的,付款期限最长不得超过60日。
Large enterprises that purchase goods, projects or services from SMEs shall agree with SMEs on reasonable payment periods, and make timely payments based on industry norms and trading practices. 大型企业从中小企业采购货物、工程、服务,应当按照行业规范、交易习惯合理约定付款期限并及时支付款项。
Where progress payment settlement, regular settlement or any other settlement mode is agreed on in a contract, the payment period shall commence on the date when both parties confirm the settlement amount. 合同约定采取履行进度结算、定期结算等结算方式的,付款期限应当自双方确认结算金额之日起算。
Article 9 Where a government organ, public institution or large enterprise agrees with a SME that the relevant goods, projects or services' passing of the inspection or final inspection after delivery should be taken as the condition for making payments to the SME, the payment period shall commence on the date when the goods, projects or services pass the inspection or final inspection.   第九条 机关、事业单位和大型企业与中小企业约定以货物、工程、服务交付后经检验或者验收合格作为支付中小企业款项条件的,付款期限应当自检验或者验收合格之日起算。
...... 合同双方应当在合同中约定明确、合理的检验或者验收期限,并在该期限内完成检验或者验收。机关、事业单位和大型企业拖延检验或者验收的,付款期限自约定的检验或者验收期限届满之日起算。

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