May 31, 2010
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Oversight Officials Law of the People's Republic of China [Not Yet Effective]
中华人民共和国监察官法 [尚未生效]
Order of the President of the People's Republic of China 


(No. 92) (第九十二号)

The Oversight Officials Law of the People's Republic of China, as adopted at the 30th Session of the Standing Committee of the Thirteenth National People's Congress of the People's Republic of China on August 20, 2021, is hereby issued, and shall come into force on January 1, 2022. 《中华人民共和国监察官法》已由中华人民共和国第十三届全国人民代表大会常务委员会第三十次会议于2021年8月20日通过,现予公布,自2022年1月1日起施行。
Xi Jinping, President of the People's Republic of China 中华人民共和国主席 习近平
August 20, 2021 2021年8月20日
Oversight Officials Law of the People's Republic of China 中华人民共和国监察官法
(Adopted at the 30th Session of the Standing Committee of the Thirteenth National People's Congress on August 20, 2021) (2021年8月20日第十三届全国人民代表大会常务委员会第三十次会议通过)
Table of Contents 目  录
Chapter I General Provisions 第一章 总  则
Chapter II Duties, Obligations and Rights of Oversight Officials 第二章 监察官的职责、义务和权利
Chapter III Qualifications for and Selection of Oversight Officials 第三章 监察官的条件和选用
Chapter IV Appointment and Removal of Oversight Officials 第四章 监察官的任免
Chapter V Administration of Oversight Officials 第五章 监察官的管理
Chapter VI Assessment and Rewarding of Oversight Officials 第六章 监察官的考核和奖励
Chapter VII Supervision and Sanctioning of Oversight Officials 第七章 监察官的监督和惩戒
Chapter VIII Occupational Safeguards for Oversight Officials 第八章 监察官的职业保障
Chapter IX Supplemental Provisions 第九章 附  则
Chapter I General Provisions 

第一章 总  则

Article 1 For the purposes of enhancing the administration and supervision of oversight officials, ensuring that oversight officials lawfully perform their duties, maintaining the lawful rights and interests of oversight officials, advancing the building of a force of highly qualified professional oversight officials, and promoting the compliance of oversight work under the rule of law, this Law is enacted in accordance with the Constitution and the Oversight Law of the People's Republic of China.   第一条 为了加强对监察官的管理和监督,保障监察官依法履行职责,维护监察官合法权益,推进高素质专业化监察官队伍建设,推进监察工作规范化、法治化,根据宪法和《中华人民共和国监察法》,制定本法。
Article 2 The administration and supervision of oversight officials shall adhere to the leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC), adhere to the guidance of Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory, the important thought of Three Represents, the Scientific Outlook on Development, and Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in a New Era, and adhere to the principle of management of officials by the CPC, to enhance oversight officials' sense of mission, sense of responsibility, and sense of honor and build a force of oversight officials with loyalty and integrity who rise to the challenge.   第二条 监察官的管理和监督坚持中国共产党领导,坚持以马克思列宁主义、毛泽东思想、邓小平理论、“三个代表”重要思想、科学发展观、习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想为指导,坚持党管干部原则,增强监察官的使命感、责任感、荣誉感,建设忠诚干净担当的监察官队伍。
Article 3 Oversight officials shall include the following persons:   第三条 监察官包括下列人员:
(1) Chairman, vice-chairmen, and members of an oversight commission at any level. (一)各级监察委员会的主任、副主任、委员;
(2) Oversight personnel of the headquarters of an oversight commission at any level. (二)各级监察委员会机关中的监察人员;
(3) Oversight personnel in oversight bodies or oversight commissioners stationed by an oversight commission at any level in or assigned by it to the CPC authorities, state authorities, organizations and entities empowered by laws and regulations to manage or entrusted with management of public affairs, and the administrative region under its jurisdiction, among others. (三)各级监察委员会派驻或者派出到中国共产党机关、国家机关、法律法规授权或者委托管理公共事务的组织和单位以及所管辖的行政区域等的监察机构中的监察人员、监察专员;
(4) Oversight personnel in other oversight bodies which exercise the power of oversight in accordance with the law. (四)其他依法行使监察权的监察机构中的监察人员。
The relevant provisions of this Law shall apply, mutatis mutandis, to the supervision and administration of the staff members of oversight bodies or oversight commissioners stationed by an oversight commission at any level in state-owned enterprises, as well as the staff members of other oversight bodies that exercise the power of oversight in accordance with the law in state-owned enterprises. 对各级监察委员会派驻到国有企业的监察机构工作人员、监察专员,以及国有企业中其他依法行使监察权的监察机构工作人员的监督管理,参照执行本法有关规定。
Article 4 Oversight officials shall be loyal and resolute, rise to the challenge, diligently discharge their duties and responsibilities, be of integrity, and lead by example in terms of strict self-discipline, good work styles, and combating corruption and degeneration.   第四条 监察官应当忠诚坚定、担当尽责、清正廉洁,做严格自律、作风优良、拒腐防变的表率。
Article 5 Oversight officials shall uphold the dignity and authority of the Constitution and laws, take facts as the basis and laws as the yardstick, perform their duties in an objective and impartial manner, and protect the lawful rights and interests of the parties.   第五条 监察官应当维护宪法和法律的尊严和权威,以事实为根据,以法律为准绳,客观公正地履行职责,保障当事人的合法权益。
Article 6 Oversight officials shall perform their duties in strict accordance with the prescribed authority and procedures, adhere to democratic centralism, and conduct collective research on major issues.   第六条 监察官应当严格按照规定的权限和程序履行职责,坚持民主集中制,重大事项集体研究。
Article 7 Oversight authorities shall establish and improve the rules and mechanisms for supervision of oversight officials to ensure that their powers are strictly restrained.   第七条 监察机关应当建立健全对监察官的监督制度和机制,确保权力受到严格约束。
Oversight officials shall conscientiously accept the supervision by CPC organizations, as well as democratic supervision, social supervision, and public opinion supervision. 监察官应当自觉接受组织监督和民主监督、社会监督、舆论监督。
Article 8 Oversight officials' lawful performance of duties shall be protected by law, free from interference by any administrative authority, social group, or individual.   第八条 监察官依法履行职责受法律保护,不受行政机关、社会团体和个人的干涉。
Chapter II Duties, Obligations and Rights of Oversight Officials 

第二章 监察官的职责、义务和权利

Article 9 Oversight officials shall lawfully perform the following duties:   第九条 监察官依法履行下列职责:
(1) Educating public officials on clean government. (一)对公职人员开展廉政教育;
(2) Conducting supervisory inspection on public officials' lawful performance of duties, impartial exercise of power, integrity in public administration or business, and compliance with ethics and codes of conduct. (二)对公职人员依法履职、秉公用权、廉洁从政从业以及道德操守情况进行监督检查;
(3) Investigating the illegal conduct and crimes of malfeasance in office under the jurisdiction of oversight authorities as prescribed by laws. (三)对法律规定由监察机关管辖的职务违法和职务犯罪进行调查;
(4) Offering opinions on disposition of the oversight matters handled, according to the results of supervision and investigation. (四)根据监督、调查的结果,对办理的监察事项提出处置意见;
(5) Conducting work on international cooperation against corruption. (五)开展反腐败国际合作方面的工作;
(6) Other duties as prescribed by laws. (六)法律规定的其他职责。
Oversight officials shall be responsible for the oversight matters handled by them within the scope of their functions. 监察官在职权范围内对所办理的监察事项负责。
Article 10 Oversight officials shall perform the following obligations:   第十条 监察官应当履行下列义务:
(1) Conscientiously adhering to the leadership of the CPC, and strictly implementing the guidelines, principles, policies, and major decisions and arrangements of the CPC and the state. (一)自觉坚持中国共产党领导,严格执行中国共产党和国家的路线方针政策、重大决策部署;
(2) Leading by example in complying with the Constitution and laws. (二)模范遵守宪法和法律;
(3) Maintaining the interests of the state and the people, enforcing the law impartially, rising to the challenge, courageously conducting oversight, and resolutely combating corruption. (三)维护国家和人民利益,秉公执法,勇于担当、敢于监督,坚决同腐败现象作斗争;
(4) Protecting the lawful rights and interests of the subjects of oversight and relevant persons in accordance with the law. (四)依法保障监察对象及有关人员的合法权益;
(5) Being devoted to their duties, diligently discharging their duties and responsibilities, and striving to improve work quality and efficiency. (五)忠于职守,勤勉尽责,努力提高工作质量和效率;
(6) Keeping state secrets and oversight work secrets confidential, as well as trade secrets, individual privacy, and personal information to which they have access in their performance of duties. (六)保守国家秘密和监察工作秘密,对履行职责中知悉的商业秘密和个人隐私、个人信息予以保密;
(7) Strictly complying with discipline and professional ethics, and leading by example in complying with social ethics and family virtues. (七)严守纪律,恪守职业道德,模范遵守社会公德、家庭美德;
(8) Conscientiously accepting supervision. (八)自觉接受监督;
(9) Other obligations as prescribed by laws. (九)法律规定的其他义务。
Article 11 Oversight officials shall have the following rights:   第十一条 监察官享有下列权利:
(1) Right to powers and work conditions required for the performance of duties of oversight officials. (一)履行监察官职责应当具有的职权和工作条件;
(2) Right to occupational safeguards and welfare benefits merited for the performance of duties of oversight officials. (二)履行监察官职责应当享有的职业保障和福利待遇;
(3) Right to legal protection of their personal, property, and residential safety. (三)人身、财产和住所安全受法律保护;
(4) Right to file petitions or accusations. (四)提出申诉或者控告;
(5) Other rights as prescribed by the Civil Servant Law of the People's Republic of China and other laws. (五)《中华人民共和国公务员法》等法律规定的其他权利。
Chapter III Qualifications for and Selection of Oversight Officials 

第三章 监察官的条件和选用

Article 12 To serve as an oversight official, a person shall satisfy the following qualifications:   第十二条 担任监察官应当具备下列条件:
(1) Having the nationality of the People's Republic of China. (一)具有中华人民共和国国籍;
(2) Allegiance to the Constitution, and adhering to the leadership of the CPC and the socialist system. (二)忠于宪法,坚持中国共产党领导和社会主义制度;
(3) Having good political quality, moral character, and work style of integrity. (三)具有良好的政治素质、道德品行和廉洁作风;
(4) Being familiar with laws, regulations, and policies, and having the specialized knowledge and capability for performing supervision, investigation, disposition, and other duties. (四)熟悉法律、法规、政策,具有履行监督、调查、处置等职责的专业知识和能力;
(5) Having the physical conditions and psychological quality for normally performing duties. (五)具有正常履行职责的身体条件和心理素质;
(6) Having a diploma of an institution of higher learning at or above the undergraduate level. (六)具备高等学校本科及以上学历;
(7) Other qualifications as prescribed by laws. (七)法律规定的其他条件。
Oversight officials failing to satisfy the academic qualification in subparagraph (6) of the preceding paragraph before this Law comes into force shall accept training and assessment, and the specific measures shall be developed by the National Oversight Commission. 本法施行前的监察人员不具备前款第六项规定的学历条件的,应当接受培训和考核,具体办法由国家监察委员会制定。
Article 13 Under any of the following circumstances, a person shall not serve as an oversight official:   第十三条 有下列情形之一的,不得担任监察官:
(1) The person has received any criminal punishment for the commission of a crime, or a people's procuratorate has made a decision not to prosecute the person in accordance with the law or the person is exempted by a people's court from criminal punishment in accordance with the law because the circumstances of the crime committed by the person are minor. (一)因犯罪受过刑事处罚,以及因犯罪情节轻微被人民检察院依法作出不起诉决定或者被人民法院依法免予刑事处罚的;
(2) The person is removed from any office within the CPC, is on probation within the CPC, or is expelled from the CPC. (二)被撤销中国共产党党内职务、留党察看、开除党籍的;
(3) The person is removed or expelled from public office. (三)被撤职或者开除公职的;
(4) The person is listed in accordance with the law as a subject of joint sanction for dishonesty. (四)被依法列为失信联合惩戒对象的;
(5) The person's spouse has emigrated abroad (overseas), or if the person has no spouse, all of his or her children have emigrated abroad (overseas). (五)配偶已移居国(境)外,或者没有配偶但是子女均已移居国(境)外的;
(6) Other circumstances as prescribed by laws. (六)法律规定的其他情形。
Article 14 The selection of oversight officials shall adhere to both moral integrity and capability with priority given to moral integrity, adhere to merits regardless of their origins, adhere to professional dedication and impartiality, highlight political standards, and underscore actual performance.   第十四条 监察官的选用,坚持德才兼备、以德为先,坚持五湖四海、任人唯贤,坚持事业为上、公道正派,突出政治标准,注重工作实绩。
Article 15 Oversight officials shall be selected by examination or assessment from those who are more qualified as oversight officials.   第十五条 监察官采用考试、考核的办法,从符合监察官条件的人员中择优选用。
Article 16 The measures of open examination, strict assessment, equal competition, and recruitment of those more qualified shall be adopted for the recruitment of oversight officials in accordance with laws and the relevant provisions issued by the state.   第十六条 录用监察官,应当依照法律和国家有关规定采取公开考试、严格考察、平等竞争、择优录取的办法。
Article 17 An oversight commission may, as needed for oversight work, select qualified persons performing public functions in the CPC authorities, state authorities, public institutions, state-owned enterprises, and other authorities and entities to serve as oversight officials in accordance with laws and the relevant provisions issued by the state.   第十七条 监察委员会可以根据监察工作需要,依照法律和国家有关规定从中国共产党机关、国家机关、事业单位、国有企业等机关、单位从事公务的人员中选择符合任职条件的人员担任监察官。
Article 18 An oversight commission may, as needed for oversight work, select or appoint qualified persons who are in professions or engaged in teaching or research related to the functions and duties of oversight authorities to serve as oversight officials in accordance with laws and the relevant provisions issued by the state.   第十八条 监察委员会可以根据监察工作需要,依照法律和国家有关规定在从事与监察机关职能职责相关的职业或者教学、研究的人员中选拔或者聘任符合任职条件的人员担任监察官。
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