May 31, 2010
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Certain Regulations on Prohibiting Unfair Competition in prize-attached Sales [Effective]
关于禁止有奖销售活动中不正当竞争行为的若干规定 [现行有效]
Decree No. 19 of State Administration for Industry and Commerce the People's Republic of China

Certain Regulations on Prohibiting Unfair Competition in Prize-attached Sales were adopted at the bureau affairs meeting of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce on December 9, 1993. These Regulations are hereby promulgated and shall go into effect on the day of their promulgation.
Director General: Liu Minxue
December 24, 1993
Certain Regulations on Prohibiting Unfair Competition in prize-attached Sales


局长 刘敏学
Article 1 With a view to preventing unfair competition in sales with prize, these Regulations are formulated in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Law of the People's Republic of China on Countering Unfair Competition (hereinafter refereed to asthe Anti-Unfair Competition Law).
   第一条 为了制止有奖销售活动中的不正当竞争行为,根据《中华人民共和国反不正当竞争法》(以下简称《反不正当竞争法》)的有关规定,制定本规定。
Article 2 Prize-attached sales mentioned in these Regulations refer to the activities of operators of providing incidentally articles, money or other economic interests for the purchasers when selling products or providing services, which include prize-attached sale which awards all of the purchasers and lottery-attached sale which awards part of the purchasers.
All those sales adopting such accidental methods as drawing lots and picking winning numbers to determine whether the purchaser could win the prize belong to lottery sale.
This regulation is not applicable to lottery-attached donation collection and other activities of selling lottery tickets approved by the relevant authorities of government.
   第二条 本规定所称有奖销售,是指经营者销售商品或者提供服务,附带性地向购买者提供物品、金钱或者其他经济上的利益的行为。包括:奖励所有购买者的附赠式有奖销售和奖励部分购买者的抽奖式有奖销售。
Article 3 The following deceptive prize-attached sales are prohibited:
   第三条 禁止下列欺骗性有奖销售行为:
1) Falsely claiming to offer a prize-attached sale or making false representation on prize type, probability of winning, highest amount of prize, total amount of prize as well as the variety, quantity, quality and offering methods of prize.
2) Adopting unfair method to intentionally let persons designated win the lottery.

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