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Decision: Accession of the People's Republic of China 关于中华人民共和国加入的决定
Protocol on the Accession of the People's Republic of China 中华人民共和国加入议定书
-Annex 1A: Information to be Provided by China in the Context of the Transitional Review Mechanism -附件1A:中国在过渡性审议机制中提供的信息
-Annex 1B: Issues to be Addressed by the General Council in Accordance with Section 18.2 of China's Protocol of Accession -附件1B:总理事会依照《中国加入议定书》第18条第2款处理的问题
-Annex 2A1: Products Subject to State Trading (Import) -附件2A1:国营贸易产品(进口)
-Annex 2A2: Products Subject to State Trading (Export) -附件2A2:国营贸易产品(出口)
-Annex 2B: Products Subject to Designated Trading -附件2B:指定经营产品
-Annex 3: Non-Tariff Measures Subject to Phased Elimination -附件3:非关税措施取消时间表
-Annex 4: Products and Services Subject to Price Controls -附件4:实行价格控制的产品和服务
-Annex 5A: Notification Pursuant to Article XXV of the Agreement on Subsidies and Countervailing Measures -附件5A:根据《补贴与反补贴措施协定》第25条作出的通知
-Annex 5B: Subsidies to be Phased Out -附件5B:需逐步取消的补贴
-Annex 6: Products Subject to Export Duty -附件6:实行出口税的产品
-Annex 7: Reservations by WTO Members -附件7:WTO成员的保留
-Annex 8: Schedule CLII - People's Republic of China -附件8:第152号减让表—中华人民共和国:
Part I: Most-Favored-Nation Tariff 第一部分:最惠国税率
Section I: Agricultural Products   1节:农产品
Section I-A: Tariffs   第1-A节:关税
Section I-B: Tariff Quotas    第1-B节:关税配额
Section II: Other Products     第2节:其他产品
Part II: Preferential Tariff (if applicable)  第二部分:优惠关税(如果适用)
Part III: Non-Tariff Concessions  第三部分:非关税减让
Section B: Other Non-tariff Concessions   B节:其他非关税减让
Part IV: Agricultural Products: Commitments Limiting Subsidization


Section I:Domestic Support: Total AMS Commitments   第1节:国内支持:综合支持总量承诺
Section II: Export Subsidies: Budgetary Outlay and Quantity Reduction Commitments   第2节:出口补贴:预算支出和数量削减承诺
Section III: Commitments Limiting the Scope of Export Subsidies   第3节:限制出口补贴范围的承诺
Attachment B  《信息技术协定》附表B
Annex I: Staging Matrix for Section I-A(Agricultural Tariffs)  附件1:第1节(农产品)逐年减让表
Annex II: Staging Matrix for Section II(Other Products)  附件2:第2节(其他产品)逐年减让表
-Annex 9: Schedule of Specific Commitments on Services List of Article II MFN Exemptions -附件9:服务贸易具体承诺减让表
Report of the Working Party on the Accession of China   中国加入工作组报告书

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