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 SAT: 535 Municipal-level Tax Bureaus Unveiled to Open Up New Chapter for the Reform of State and Local Tax Authorities
Category:Legislative Updates  
Subject:System reform  
Publish Date:08-10-2018

On the morning of July 5, municipal-level state and local tax authorities across the country were merged, with 535 new municipal-level tax bureaus unveiled and starting operations. This marks that the institutional reform of state and local tax administration is to be deepened. It is learned that the reform is now at the stage of ensuring the reform of provincial tax bureaus as role models while promoting the full coverage of municipal and county tax bureaus, according to the overall arrangements for the institutional reform of state and local tax administration.
At this critical stage, the leadership of the State Administration of Taxation (SAT) inspected a selection of provinces and cities to guide the reform and attended the unveiling ceremonies of municipal-level tax bureaus. Wang Jun, Secretary of the CPC Leadership and Commissioner of the SAT inspected the progress of the reform in Shandong, and unveiled the Dezhou Municipal Tax Bureau, SAT, together with Yu Guoan, Deputy Governor of Shandong Province.
As the new provincial and municipal tax authorities are unveiled, the reform will have the feature of multi-levels, multi-issues and multi-participants, according to Wang Jun. Tax authorities at various levels need to study and implement Secretary General Xi Jinping's thought on deepening the reform of the CPC and government institutions, and carry out the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council. Taking the opportunity of the merger of state and local tax authorities and the uniform unveiling of new authorities, they should get their act together to make breakthroughs and carry forward a porter's spirit. They should take on the arduous task of the reform and make sure every task is performed more meticulously to safeguard China's tax security. They should optimize the business environment to strengthen the sense of gain and satisfaction among taxpayers.
Reportedly, under the leadership of the SAT, the provincial committees of the CPC and the provincial people's governments, the new provincial tax authorities will make use of the cadence of the reform, innovate the ways of doing things and ensure scientific and meticulous performance. By playing a guiding role in Party building and working with the CPC committees to perform the principal responsibilities, they will build an efficient organizational mechanism, rules and regulations, and an information communication system to ensure that every effort for the reform among provincial tax bureaus as role models and for promoting the full coverage of municipal and county tax bureaus is carried out pertinently, systematically and effectively.
During the reform, tax authorities across the country will follow the philosophy of "putting services high on the agenda of the institutional reform" to promote the integration between taxpayer service halls and the 12366 hot line. By ensuring processing in the same hall, consulting through one click, handling in the same network and other achievements that benefit residents, they will provide better, more efficient and more convenient services to taxpayers, reduce their burdens in making payment, cut costs for tax processing and respond to their concerns.
Leaders of municipal-level tax authorities of the SAT committed unanimously at the unveiling ceremonies of new authorities that they would perform the historical reform task assigned by the era and develop a full understanding of the complexity and arduousness of the reform. By thinking in big-picture terms, they will forge ahead and make breakthroughs to boost the reform of municipal-level tax authorities and will get ready for the unveiling of county-level tax authorities. They will endeavor to guarantee that the institutional reform and taxation are mutually beneficial, so as to better serve the economic and social development, create new atmosphere and showcase new taxation styles.

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