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 China unveils national disease control action plan for 2024-25
Category:Legislative Updates  
Subject:Health and medicine  
Publish Date:05-30-2024
BEIJING, May 30 -- China has released a comprehensive national disease prevention and control action plan for 2024-25, detailing 10 specific measures aimed at enhancing the country's public health system.
The plan, jointly issued by the National Disease Control and Prevention Administration and nine other departments, outlines actions for the prevention and control of acute respiratory infectious diseases, including COVID-19, and other major infectious diseases.
The plan aims to establish a modern disease control and prevention system by 2025, characterized by a rapid response, efficient infectious disease monitoring, early warning and emergency response system.
It also seeks to enhance the administrative law enforcement system for health, improve the research capabilities of disease control institutions, and strengthen the education and training system for disease control personnel.
For the prevention and control of acute respiratory infectious diseases like COVID-19, the plan emphasizes focusing on key institutions such as schools, nursing homes and welfare homes, and targeting key groups, particularly the elderly and children, and crucial periods such as holidays and large events. It specifies measures such as meticulous implementation of control protocols, timely identification and effective management of cluster outbreaks.
Regarding major infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis, the plan calls for deepening comprehensive social governance and interventions for HIV/AIDS, curbing sexual and injection drug transmission, and promoting the elimination of mother-to-child transmission.
It also aims to expand HIV/AIDS screening and antiretroviral treatment coverage, strengthen drug supply, enhance treatment accessibility, and reduce the burden of medical costs for patients.
According to a policy interpretation released by the administration, the next steps will involve collaborating with relevant departments to ensure effective implementation of the plan at local levels and strengthening the monitoring and evaluation of its progress.

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