May 31, 2010
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Anti-domestic Violence Law of the People's Republic of China [Effective]
中華人民共和國反家庭暴力法 [現行有效]
Order of the President of the People's Republic of China 


(No. 37) (第三十七號)

The Anti-Domestic Violence Law of the People's Republic of China, as adopted at the 18th Session of the Standing Committee of the Twelfth National People's Congress of the People's Republic of China on December 27, 2015, is hereby issued, and shall come into force on March 1, 2016. 《中華人民共和國反家庭暴力法》已由中華人民共和國第十二屆全國人民代表大會常務委員會第十八次會議于2015年12月27日通過,現予公布,自2016年3月1日起施行。
President of the People's Republic of China: Xi Jinping 中華人民共和國主席 習近平
December 27, 2015 2015年12月27日
Anti-Domestic Violence Law of the People's Republic of China 中華人民共和國反家庭暴力法
(Adopted at the 18th Session of the Standing Committee of the Twelfth National People's Congress on December 27, 2015) (2015年12月27日第十二屆全國人民代表大會常務委員會第十八次會議通過)
Table of Contents 目錄
Chapter I General Provisions 第一章 總則
Chapter II Prevention of Domestic Violence 第二章 家庭暴力的預防
Chapter III Handling of Domestic Violence 第三章 家庭暴力的處置
Chapter IV Personal Safety Protective Order 第四章 人身安全保護令
Chapter V Legal Liability 第五章 法律責任
Chapter VI Supplementary Provisions 第六章 附則
Chapter I General Provisions 

第一章 總則

Article 1 This Law is developed for purposes of preventing and curbing domestic violence, protecting the lawful rights and interests of family members, maintaining equal, harmonious and civilized family relations, and promoting family harmony and social stability.   第一條 為了預防和制止家庭暴力,保護家庭成員的合法權益,維護平等、和睦、文明的家庭關系,促進家庭和諧、社會穩定,制定本法。
Article 2 For the purpose of this Law, “domestic violence” means the inflicting of physical, psychological or other harm by a family member on another by beating, trussing, injury, restraint and forcible limits on personal freedom, recurring verbal abuse, threats and other means.   第二條 本法所稱家庭暴力,是指家庭成員之間以毆打、捆綁、殘害、限制人身自由以及經常性謾罵、恐嚇等方式實施的身體、精神等侵害行為。
Article 3 Family members shall help each other, love each other, live in harmony, and fulfill family obligations.   第三條 家庭成員之間應當互相幫助,互相關愛,和睦相處,履行家庭義務。
Anti-domestic violence is the common responsibility of the state, society and each family. 反家庭暴力是國家、社會和每個家庭的共同責任。
The state prohibits any form of domestic violence. 國家禁止任何形式的家庭暴力。
Article 4 The institutions in charge of women and children affairs of the people's governments at the country level or above shall be responsible for organizing, coordinating, providing guidance for and urge the relevant departments to effectively perform the anti-domestic violence work.   第四條 縣級以上人民政府負責婦女兒童工作的機構,負責組織、協調、指導、督促有關部門做好反家庭暴力工作。
The relevant departments of the people's governments at the county level or above, judicial organs, people's organizations, social organizations, residents' committees, villagers' committees, enterprises, and public institutions shall, in accordance with this Law and relevant laws, effectively perform the anti-domestic violence work. 縣級以上人民政府有關部門、司法機關、人民團體、社會組織、居民委員會、村民委員會、企業事業單位,應當依照本法和有關法律規定,做好反家庭暴力工作。
The people's governments at all levels shall provide necessary fund guarantees for the anti-domestic violence work. 各級人民政府應當對反家庭暴力工作給予必要的經費保障。
Article 5 Anti-domestic violence work shall observe the principles of putting prevention first and combining education, correction and punishment.   第五條 反家庭暴力工作遵循預防為主,教育、矯治與懲處相結合原則。
In the anti-domestic violence work, the true will of victims shall be respected and the privacy of the parties concerned shall be protected. 反家庭暴力工作應當尊重受害人真實意願,保護當事人隱私。
The minors, the elderly, the disabled, pregnant and lactating women, and seriously ill patients suffering domestic violence shall be given special protection. 未成年人、老年人、殘疾人、孕期和哺乳期的婦女、重病患者遭受家庭暴力的,應當給予特殊保護。
Chapter II Prevention of Domestic Violence 

第二章 家庭暴力的預防

Article 6 The state will carry out family virtues publicity and education, and popularize knowledge of anti-domestic violence, so as to enhance the citizens' anti-domestic violence awareness.   第六條 國家開展家庭美德宣傳教育,普及反家庭暴力知識,增強公民反家庭暴力意識。
Trade unions, communist youth leagues, women's federations, disabled persons' federations shall, within the scope of their work, organize publicity and education on family virtues and anti-domestic violence. 工會、共產主義青年團、婦女聯合會、殘疾人聯合會應當在各自工作範圍內,組織開展家庭美德和反家庭暴力宣傳教育。
Radios, televisions, newspapers, and the Internet, among others, shall conduct publicity on family virtues and anti-domestic violence. 廣播、電視、報刊、網絡等應當開展家庭美德和反家庭暴力宣傳。
Schools and kindergartens shall conduct education on family virtues and anti-domestic violence. 學校、幼兒園應當開展家庭美德和反家庭暴力教育。
Article 7 The relevant departments of people's governments at the county level or above, judicial organs and women's federations shall incorporate the prevention and curb of domestic violence into business training and statistical work.   第七條 縣級以上人民政府有關部門、司法機關、婦女聯合會應當將預防和制止家庭暴力納入業務培訓和統計工作。
Medical institutions shall keep medical records of domestic violence victims. 醫療機構應當做好家庭暴力受害人的診療記錄。
Article 8 The people's governments at the township level and sub-district offices shall organize the prevention of domestic violence, and residents' committees, villagers' committees and social work service institutions shall provide cooperation and assistance.   第八條 鄉鎮人民政府、街道辦事處應當組織開展家庭暴力預防工作,居民委員會、村民委員會、社會工作服務機構應當予以配合協助。
Article 9 The people's governments at all levels shall provide support for social work service institutions and other social organizations to provide such services as mental health counseling, family relationship guidance, and domestic violence prevention knowledge education.   第九條 各級人民政府應當支持社會工作服務機構等社會組織開展心理健康咨詢、家庭關系指導、家庭暴力預防知識教育等服務。
Article 10 The people's mediation organizations shall mediate family disputes in accordance with the law to prevent and reduce the occurrence of domestic violence.   第十條 人民調解組織應當依法調解家庭糾紛,預防和減少家庭暴力的發生。
Article 11 Where an employer discovers that any of its employees commits domestic violence, it shall criticize and educate the employee, and effectively mediate and resolve family conflicts.   第十一條 用人單位發現本單位人員有家庭暴力情況的,應當給予批評教育,並做好家庭矛盾的調解、化解工作。
Article 12 The guardians of minors shall conduct family education in a civilized manner, fulfill the duties of guardianship and education, and may not commit domestic violence.   第十二條 未成年人的監護人應當以文明的方式進行家庭教育,依法履行監護和教育職責,不得實施家庭暴力。
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