May 31, 2010
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Opinions of the State Council on Promoting the High-Quality Development of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Creating an Upgraded Version of "Entrepreneurship and Innovation among All the People" [Effective]
国务院关于推动创新创业高质量发展打造“双创”升级版的意见 [现行有效]
Opinions of the State Council on Promoting the High-Quality Development of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Creating an Upgraded Version of "Entrepreneurship and Innovation among All the People" 


(No. 32 [2018] of the State Council) (国发〔2018〕32号)

The people's governments of all provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the Central Government; all ministries and commissions of the State Council; and all institutions directly under the State Council: 各省、自治区、直辖市人民政府,国务院各部委、各直属机构:
Innovation is the primary engine of development and the strategic support for building a modern economic system. During the recent years, entrepreneurship and innovation among all the people have continued to advance to a wider scope, higher level and deeper degree, and innovation and entrepreneurship have been fully integrated into economic and social development, played an important role in promoting the shift from old to new momentum and the upgrading of economic structure, increasing employment and improving people's livelihood, and achieving equal opportunities and vertical social mobility, and provided strong support for boosting economic growth. Up to now, China's economy has shifted from a high-speed growth stage to a high-quality development stage, which has brought forth new and higher requirements for promoting entrepreneurship and innovation among all the people. For the purposes of profoundly implementing the innovation-driven development strategy and further stimulating market vitality and social creativity, the following opinions are hereby offered on promoting the high-quality development of innovation and entrepreneurship and creating an upgraded version of "entrepreneurship and innovation among all the people." 创新是引领发展的第一动力,是建设现代化经济体系的战略支撑。近年来,大众创业万众创新持续向更大范围、更高层次和更深程度推进,创新创业与经济社会发展深度融合,对推动新旧动能转换和经济结构升级、扩大就业和改善民生、实现机会公平和社会纵向流动发挥了重要作用,为促进经济增长提供了有力支撑。当前,我国经济已由高速增长阶段转向高质量发展阶段,对推动大众创业万众创新提出了新的更高要求。为深入实施创新驱动发展战略,进一步激发市场活力和社会创造力,现就推动创新创业高质量发展、打造“双创”升级版提出以下意见。
I. General requirements   一、总体要求
Advancing entrepreneurship and innovation among all the people is an important support to deepen the implementation of the innovation-driven development strategy and an important path to profoundly advance the supply-side structural reform. With the vigorous development of entrepreneurship and innovation among all the people, the innovation and entrepreneurial environment continually improves, innovators and entrepreneurs are increasingly diversified, various support platforms continue increasing, the atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship is more intense, the concept of innovation and entrepreneurship is increasingly taking root, and remarkable achievements have been made. Nevertheless, there are still problems such as an unsatisfying innovation and entrepreneurship ecology, incomplete scientific and technological achievements transformation mechanism, insufficient interconnected development of small, medium and large-sized enterprises, insufficient international cooperation in innovation and entrepreneurship, and inadequate implementation of certain policies. Creating an upgraded version of "entrepreneurship and innovation among all the people" and promoting the high-quality development of innovation and entrepreneurship is conducive to further enhancing entrepreneurship's capability to drive employment, to enhancing the vitality of scientific and technological innovation and industry development, and to creating quality supply and expanding effective demand and is of significance for heightening inherent driving force for economic development. 推进大众创业万众创新是深入实施创新驱动发展战略的重要支撑、深入推进供给侧结构性改革的重要途径。随着大众创业万众创新蓬勃发展,创新创业环境持续改善,创新创业主体日益多元,各类支撑平台不断丰富,创新创业社会氛围更加浓厚,创新创业理念日益深入人心,取得显著成效。但同时,还存在创新创业生态不够完善、科技成果转化机制尚不健全、大中小企业融通发展还不充分、创新创业国际合作不够深入以及部分政策落实不到位等问题。打造“双创”升级版,推动创新创业高质量发展,有利于进一步增强创业带动就业能力,有利于提升科技创新和产业发展活力,有利于创造优质供给和扩大有效需求,对增强经济发展内生动力具有重要意义。
1. Guiding ideology. (一)指导思想。
Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in a New Era shall be regarded as the guide, the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress and the Second and Third Plenary Sessions of the 19th CPC Central Committee shall be comprehensively implemented, the new development concept shall be adhered to, the supply-side structural reform shall be adhered to as the main line, the innovation-driven development strategy shall be implemented in depth according to the requirements for high-quality development, and by creating an upgraded version of "entrepreneurship and innovation among all the people," the innovation and entrepreneurial environment shall be further optimized so as to significantly reduce the cost of innovation and entrepreneurship, enhance entrepreneurship' capability to drive employment, enhance the guiding role of scientific and technological innovation, improve the service capabilities of support platforms, promote the formation of an innovation and entrepreneurship pattern featuring an online and offline combination, collaboration in production, education, research and application, and the integration of small, medium and large-sized enterprises, and provide a solid guarantee for accelerating the development of new momentum and achieving more sufficient employment and high-quality economic development. 以习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想为指导,全面贯彻党的十九大和十九届二中、三中全会精神,坚持新发展理念,坚持以供给侧结构性改革为主线,按照高质量发展要求,深入实施创新驱动发展战略,通过打造“双创”升级版,进一步优化创新创业环境,大幅降低创新创业成本,提升创业带动就业能力,增强科技创新引领作用,提升支撑平台服务能力,推动形成线上线下结合、产学研用协同、大中小企业融合的创新创业格局,为加快培育发展新动能、实现更充分就业和经济高质量发展提供坚实保障。
2. Primary objectives. (二)主要目标。
—Comprehensive upgrading of innovation and entrepreneurial services: Innovation and entrepreneurship resource sharing platforms shall be more sound, the functions of market-oriented and professional maker spaces shall continually expand, the capabilities of innovation and entrepreneurial service platforms shall significantly improve, venture capital shall continue growing with more attention paid to the early and interim-stage technology-based enterprises, and emerging types of innovation and entrepreneurial services shall be increasingly mature. --创新创业服务全面升级。创新创业资源共享平台更加完善,市场化、专业化众创空间功能不断拓展,创新创业服务平台能力显著提升,创业投资持续增长并更加关注早中期科技型企业,新兴创新创业服务业态日趋成熟。
—Manifest improvement of entrepreneurship's capability to drive employment upward: More market participants full of vigor and in continual and robust operation shall be fostered, more jobs shall be directly created, the increase in jobs in related industries shall be driven, and equal employment opportunities and vertical social mobility shall be promoted so as to achieve a virtuous cycle of innovation, entrepreneurship and employment. --创业带动就业能力明显提升。培育更多充满活力、持续稳定经营的市场主体,直接创造更多就业岗位,带动关联产业就业岗位增加,促进就业机会公平和社会纵向流动,实现创新、创业、就业的良性循环。
—Dramatic enhancement of the capability to transform and apply scientific and technological achievements: Technology-based entrepreneurship shall develop faster, production, education, research and application shall be more synergistic, scientific and technological innovation shall be more closely combined with the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and entities for multi-level scientific and technological innovation and industry development shall take shape so as to support the accelerated development of strategic emerging industries. --科技成果转化应用能力显著增强。科技型创业加快发展,产学研用更加协同,科技创新与传统产业转型升级结合更加紧密,形成多层次科技创新和产业发展主体,支撑战略性新兴产业加快发展。
—Continual emergence of high-quality innovation and entrepreneurial clustering areas: The construction of "entrepreneurship and innovation among all the people" demonstration bases shall be solidly advanced, and the promotion of a group of reproducible institutional achievements shall be accelerated. The advantages of various functional zones such as national new zones and national indigenous innovation demonstration zones shall be effectively used, and a group of new heights for innovation and entrepreneurship shall be created. --高质量创新创业集聚区不断涌现。“双创”示范基地建设扎实推进,一批可复制的制度性成果加快推广。有效发挥国家级新区、国家自主创新示范区等各类功能区优势,打造一批创新创业新高地。
—The organic integration of the innovation and entrepreneurship value chains of small, medium and large-sized enterprises. A group of high-end scientific and technological talents, outstanding entrepreneurs and professional investors shall become the primary force for innovation and entrepreneurship, the innovation resources and factors shall freely and smoothly flow among large-sized enterprises, research institutes, and small and medium-sized enterprises, and the level of interconnected development that is internal and external, online and offline, and of small, medium and large-sized enterprises shall be continually improved. --大中小企业创新创业价值链有机融合。一批高端科技人才、优秀企业家、专业投资人成为创新创业主力军,大企业、科研院所、中小企业之间创新资源要素自由畅通流动,内部外部、线上线下、大中小企业融通发展水平不断提升。
—In-depth integration of international and domestic innovation and entrepreneurship resources. International exchanges and cooperation in innovation and entrepreneurship shall be expanded, deep integration into global tidal wave of innovation and entrepreneurship shall be conducted, the formation of a group of international innovation and entrepreneurship clustering areas shall be promoted, and "entrepreneurship and innovation among all the people" shall be built into a symbol of China in its cooperation with all the countries in the world including those along the "Belt and Road". --国际国内创新创业资源深度融汇。拓展创新创业国际交流合作,深度融入全球创新创业浪潮,推动形成一批国际化创新创业集聚地,将“双创”打造成为我国与包括“一带一路”相关国家在内的世界各国合作的亮丽名片。
II. Focusing on promoting the upgrading of the innovation and entrepreneurial environment   二、着力促进创新创业环境升级
3. Simplifying administrative procedures and decentralizing powers to trigger the vitality of innovation and entrepreneurship. The formation of enterprises shall be further facilitated, and the simple enterprise deregistration reform shall be comprehensively advanced. "Regional assessment" shall be actively promoted, and the government shall arrange unified assessments of the geological disasters and soil and water conservation in certain regions. The standardization of review matters, business transaction processes, data exchange, and so forth shall be advanced, the opening of public data resources shall be steadily promoted, and the building of government data resources, social data resources, and Internet data resources shall be advanced at a faster pace. Rules and practices hindering market unity and fair competition shall be repealed after review, a unified national market access negative list shall be released as soon as possible, and a dynamic list adjustment mechanism shall be established. (The State Administration for Market Regulation, the Ministry of Natural Resources, the Ministry of Water Resources, and the National Development and Reform Commission shall be responsible according to their respective duties) (三)简政放权释放创新创业活力。进一步提升企业开办便利度,全面推进企业简易注销登记改革。积极推广“区域评估”,由政府组织力量对一定区域内地质灾害、水土保持等进行统一评估。推进审查事项、办事流程、数据交换等标准化建设,稳步推动公共数据资源开放,加快推进政务数据资源、社会数据资源、互联网数据资源建设。清理废除妨碍统一市场和公平竞争的规定和做法,加快发布全国统一的市场准入负面清单,建立清单动态调整机制。(市场监管总局、自然资源部、水利部、发展改革委等按职责分工负责)
4. Combining decentralization with regulation to create a fair market environment. The building of the social credit system shall be strengthened, and credit regulation mechanisms for the full process such as credit warranties, information publication, credit rating and classification, and joint incentives and punishment in respect of credit shall be developed. Reference examination criteria in the fields of bio-manufacturing, new materials and so forth shall be revised to stimulate the innovation vitality in high-tech fields. The good and sound development of the sharing economy shall be guided and regulated, and sharing economy platform enterprises shall be promoted in diligently fulfilling their primary responsibilities. An efficient regulatory mechanism for new business types and modes, such as "Internet plus education" and "Internet plus medical care," shall be established and improved to strictly meet the minimum requirements for safety, quality and social stability. (The National Development and Reform Commission, the State Administration for Market Regulation, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Education, and the National Health Commission shall be responsible according to their respective duties) (四)放管结合营造公平市场环境。加强社会信用体系建设,构建信用承诺、信息公示、信用分级分类、信用联合奖惩等全流程信用监管机制。修订生物制造、新材料等领域审查参考标准,激发高技术领域创新活力。引导和规范共享经济良性健康发展,推动共享经济平台企业切实履行主体责任。建立完善对“互联网+教育”、“互联网+医疗”等新业态新模式的高效监管机制,严守安全质量和社会稳定底线。(发展改革委、市场监管总局、工业和信息化部、教育部、卫生健康委等按职责分工负责)
5. Optimizing services to facilitate innovation and entrepreneurship. The establishment of a national integrated government service platform shall be accelerated, a national data sharing and exchange platform system shall be established and improved, a data sharing responsibility checklist system shall be promoted, and the replication and promotion of the experience in typical cases of data sharing and application shall be boosted. Rural innovation and entrepreneurship information service windows shall be established at the municipal and county level. The employment and social insurance system that adapts to the new employment modalities shall be improved, and the building of "online social security" shall be stepped up. Industry land use policies shall be actively implemented, the redevelopment of urban land in inefficient use shall be advanced in depth, the "increments pegged to inventory" mechanism for land for construction use shall be improved, land use structure shall be optimized, and the inventory of land and that not in use shall be revitalized and used for innovation and entrepreneurship. (The General Office of the State Council, the National Development and Reform Commission, the State Administration for Market Regulation, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, and the Ministry of Natural Resources shall be responsible according to their respective duties) (五)优化服务便利创新创业。加快建立全国一体化政务服务平台,建立完善国家数据共享交换平台体系,推行数据共享责任清单制度,推动数据共享应用典型案例经验复制推广。在市县一级建立农村创新创业信息服务窗口。完善适应新就业形态的用工和社会保险制度,加快建设“网上社保”。积极落实产业用地政策,深入推进城镇低效用地再开发,健全建设用地“增存挂钩”机制,优化用地结构,盘活存量、闲置土地用于创新创业。(国务院办公厅、发展改革委、市场监管总局、农业农村部、人力资源社会保障部、自然资源部等按职责分工负责)
III. Accelerating the upgrading of the driving force for the development of innovation and entrepreneurship   三、加快推动创新创业发展动力升级
6. Increasing fiscal and tax policy support. The reduction of taxes and fees shall be brought into the focus, and the appropriate reduction of social insurance premium rates shall be researched so as to ensure that the overall burden on enterprises is not aggravated and market vitality is boosted up. The policy to increase the weighted deduction proportion of enterprises' research and development expenses to 75% shall be expanded from technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises to all enterprises. If an individual trades New Third Board stocks on the secondary markets, he or she shall be exempt from individual income tax on the favorable balance as if he or she had traded the stocks of listed companies. The scope of exemption from property tax and value-added tax and other preferential policies enjoyed by national technology enterprise incubators and universities' science and technology parks shall be extended to provincial ones, and qualified maker spaces may enjoy them. (The Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation shall be responsible according to their respective duties) (六)加大财税政策支持力度。聚焦减税降费,研究适当降低社保费率,确保总体上不增加企业负担,激发市场活力。将企业研发费用加计扣除比例提高到75%的政策由科技型中小企业扩大至所有企业。对个人在二级市场买卖新三板股票比照上市公司股票,对差价收入免征个人所得税。将国家级科技企业孵化器和大学科技园享受的免征房产税、增值税等优惠政策范围扩大至省级,符合条件的众创空间也可享受。(财政部、税务总局等按职责分工负责)
7. Improving such policies and measures as government procurement of innovative and entrepreneurial products and services. Government procurement policies that support innovation and small and medium-sized enterprises shall be improved. The functions of procurement policies shall be fulfilled, the efforts to procure major innovative products and services and core and critical technologies shall be intensified, and the application of non-tender methods such as first procurement and order shall be expanded. (The National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and local people's governments shall be responsible according to their respective duties) (七)完善创新创业产品和服务政府采购等政策措施。完善支持创新和中小企业的政府采购政策。发挥采购政策功能,加大对重大创新产品和服务、核心关键技术的采购力度,扩大首购、订购等非招标方式的应用。(发展改革委、财政部、工业和信息化部、科技部等和各地方人民政府按职责分工负责)
8. Accelerating the advancement of demonstration and application of the first (set of) major technical equipment. The role of the market mechanism shall be maximized, and the building of the system to research and develop, innovate, test and evaluate, and demonstrate and apply major technical equipment shall be promoted. A catalog of major technical equipment innovations and guidelines on crowd innovation, research and development shall be prepared, and measures for evaluation of the first (set of) equipment shall be developed. Relying on large technology enterprise groups and priority research and development institutions, major technical equipment innovation and research institutes shall be established. The first (set of) equipment demonstration and application bases and demonstration and application alliances shall be formed. The development, promotion and application of dual-use technical products shall be accelerated. The role of innovation and entrepreneurship modes such as crowd innovation, crowd funding, crowdsourcing, and virtual innovation and entrepreneurship communities shall be used, small and medium-sized enterprises and other innovators shall be directed to participate in the research and development of major technical equipment, and the effective integration of crowd creation achievements with the market shall be strengthened. (The National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Finance, the State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, the National Health Commission, the State Administration for Market Regulation, and the National Energy Administration shall be responsible according to the division of labor based on duties) (八)加快推进首台(套)重大技术装备示范应用。充分发挥市场机制作用,推动重大技术装备研发创新、检测评定、示范应用体系建设。编制重大技术装备创新目录、众创研发指引,制定首台(套)评定办法。依托大型科技企业集团、重点研发机构,设立重大技术装备创新研究院。建立首台(套)示范应用基地和示范应用联盟。加快军民两用技术产品发展和推广应用。发挥众创、众筹、众包和虚拟创新创业社区等多种创新创业模式的作用,引导中小企业等创新主体参与重大技术装备研发,加强众创成果与市场有效对接。(发展改革委、科技部、工业和信息化部、财政部、国资委、卫生健康委、市场监管总局、能源局等按职责分工负责)
9. Establishing and improving an intellectual property right administration and service system. An intellectual property right appraisement and risk control system shall be established and improved, and financial institutions shall be encouraged to explore financing by pledging intellectual property rights. Public service platforms for the operation of intellectual property rights shall be improved, and a unified national intellectual property right exchange shall be gradually established. Innovators shall be encouraged and supported in strengthening the creation of intellectual property rights of critical and cutting-edge technologies so as to form a group of strategic and high-value patent portfolios. The "Thunder" Special Action for Intellectual Property Rights shall be launched with a focus on priority fields and critical links to conduct centralized inspection and correction and comprehensively strengthen law enforcement relating to and protection of intellectual property rights. "Internet plus" technology such as online identification, real-time monitoring, and source tracking shall be actively used to strengthen intellectual property right protection. (The National Intellectual Property Administration, the Ministry of Finance, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, and the People's Bank of China shall be responsible according to their respective duties) (九)建立完善知识产权管理服务体系。建立完善知识产权评估和风险控制体系,鼓励金融机构探索开展知识产权质押融资。完善知识产权运营公共服务平台,逐步建立全国统一的知识产权交易市场。鼓励和支持创新主体加强关键前沿技术知识产权创造,形成一批战略性高价值专利组合。聚焦重点领域和关键环节开展知识产权“雷霆”专项行动,进行集中检查、集中整治,全面加强知识产权执法维权工作力度。积极运用在线识别、实时监测、源头追溯等“互联网+”技术强化知识产权保护。(知识产权局、财政部、银保监会、人民银行等按职责分工负责)
IV. Continuing to advance the enhancement of entrepreneurship's capability to drive employment   四、持续推进创业带动就业能力升级
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