May 31, 2010
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Opinions of the State Council on Further Stabilizing Employment [Effective]
国务院关于进一步做好稳就业工作的意见 [现行有效]
Opinions of the State Council on Further Stabilizing Employment 


(No. 28 [2019] of the State Council) (国发〔2019〕28号)

The people's governments of all provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the Central Government; and all ministries and commissions of the State Council and all institutions directly under the State Council: 各省、自治区、直辖市人民政府,国务院各部委、各直属机构:
Employment is the foundation of people's livelihood and the source of wealth. Currently, the employment situation in China maintains generally stable. However, as the risks and challenges at home and abroad increase, the pressure on stabilizing employment is increased. For the purposes of effectively stabilizing employment, the following opinions are hereby offered. 就业是民生之本、财富之源。当前我国就业形势保持总体平稳,但国内外风险挑战增多,稳就业压力加大。为全力做好稳就业工作,现提出以下意见。
I. General Requirements   一、总体要求
Under the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics of the New Era, the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress and the Second, Third and Fourth Plenary Sessions of the 19th CPC Central Committee shall be fully implemented, stabilizing employment shall be placed in a more prominent position, the bottom line thinking shall be strengthened, the policy of giving priority to employment shall be consolidated, the promotion mechanism conducive to achieving more sufficient employment of higher quality shall be improved, equal attention shall be consistently paid to offering more jobs and stabilizing the existing jobs, the key points shall be stressed, promotion shall be conducted in an overall manner, policies shall be implemented precisely, large-scale unemployment risks shall be prevented and resolved without sparing any effort, and overall stability of the employment situation shall be sufficiently ensured. 以习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想为指导,全面贯彻党的十九大和十九届二中、三中、四中全会精神,坚持把稳就业摆在更加突出位置,强化底线思维,做实就业优先政策,健全有利于更充分更高质量就业的促进机制,坚持创造更多就业岗位和稳定现有就业岗位并重,突出重点、统筹推进、精准施策,全力防范化解规模性失业风险,全力确保就业形势总体稳定。
II. Supporting Enterprises in Stabilizing Jobs   二、支持企业稳定岗位
1. Making greater efforts in assisting enterprises and stabilizing jobs. The term of implementing the policy of lowering unemployment insurance premium rate and employment injury insurance premium rate within a certain time limit shall be extended to April 30, 2021. The term of implementing the policy of subsidies for stabilizing jobs with unemployment insurance for enterprises that face temporary production and operation difficulties, that are expected to recover, and that insist on not laying off any employee or furloughing fewer employees and the policy of subsidies for enterprises in difficulties offering on-the-job training of employees shall be extended to December 31, 2020. (一)加大援企稳岗力度。阶段性降低失业保险费率、工伤保险费率的政策,实施期限延长至2021年4月30日。参保企业面临暂时性生产经营困难且恢复有望、坚持不裁员或少裁员的失业保险稳岗返还政策,以及困难企业开展职工在岗培训的补贴政策,实施期限均延长至2020年12月31日。
2. Strengthening financial support for enterprises. The policy of targeted cut of the required reserve ratio for inclusive finance shall be implemented and the funds released shall be mainly used for supporting the financing of private enterprises and micro and small enterprises. Banks shall be encouraged to improve their performance assessment incentive mechanisms under which finance serves private enterprises and micro and small enterprises, and to increase the medium- and long-term loans and credit loans for micro, small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises. Rewards and subsidies shall be granted to localities that strictly follow the guidance of policies such as increasing the scale of financing guarantee business of micro and small enterprises and lowing the rates of financing guarantee of micro and small enterprises. The coordination role of the leading groups of the governments at all levels for the work of small and medium-sized enterprises shall be maximized, the development of small and medium-sized enterprises shall be supported, and employment shall be increased. The role of financial regulatory authorities at all levels shall be maximized, and banks shall be encouraged to develop special credit plans for key enterprises and not to blindly reduce or cut loans to enterprises that encounter temporary difficulties but meet the credit granting conditions. (二)加强对企业金融支持。落实普惠金融定向降准政策,释放的资金重点支持民营企业和小微企业融资。鼓励银行完善金融服务民营企业和小微企业的绩效考核激励机制,增加制造业中小微企业中长期贷款和信用贷款。对扩大小微企业融资担保业务规模、降低小微企业融资担保费率等政策性引导较强的地方进行奖补。发挥各级政府中小企业工作领导小组的协调作用,支持中小企业发展,增加就业。发挥各级金融监管机构作用,鼓励银行为重点企业制定专门信贷计划,对遇到暂时困难但符合授信条件的企业,不得盲目抽贷、断贷。
3. Directing enterprises to explore the domestic market. The mechanism of inter-provincial information communication and revenue sharing shall be improved, various industrial parks in the central, western and northeastern regions shall be encouraged to strengthen connection with the areas in the eastern region in transferring industries, and the list of enterprises with the willingness of transfer shall be obtained in a timely manner. Long-term leasing, leasing first and transfer later, combination of leasing and transfer and flexible-term leasing of industrial land shall be promoted. The costs of logistics and power and energy consumption shall be reduced. Eligible regions may make greater efforts for the construction of standard workshops and provide preferential rents, and promote the orderly transfer of the manufacturing industry across regions. A cross-departmental comprehensive service platform shall be established, the connection of production, sales and financing of enterprises shall be strengthened, focal support shall be given to relevant enterprises in connecting major domestic e-commerce platforms and bulk procurement projects in various industries and regions, and enterprises shall be supported in expanding sales channels on the domestic market. (三)引导企业开拓国内市场。完善省际间信息沟通、收益分享等机制,鼓励中西部和东北地区各类产业园区与东部产业转出地区加强对接,及时掌握有转移意愿的企业清单。推广工业用地长期租赁、先租后让、租让结合和弹性年期供应方式,降低物流和用电用能成本,有条件的地区可加大标准厂房建设力度并提供租金优惠,推动制造业跨区域有序转移。搭建跨部门综合服务平台,加强企业产销融通对接,重点支持相关企业对接国内各大电商平台和各行业、各区域大宗采购项目,支持企业拓展国内市场销售渠道。
4. Regulating the layoff behavior of enterprises. Enterprises shall be supported in negotiating with employee groups, negotiation on compensation, adjustment to working hours, job and shift rotation, on-the-job training and other measures shall be taken, and the labor relations shall be maintained. Enterprises planning to lay off employees for economic reasons shall be directed to develop and implement employee resettlement plans according to the laws and regulations, explain the relevant situation to the labor unions or all employees 30 days in advance, pay economic compensations in accordance with the laws and regulations, repay employees' wages in arrears, and pay social insurance premiums in arrears. (四)规范企业裁员行为。支持企业与职工集体协商,采取协商薪酬、调整工时、轮岗轮休、在岗培训等措施,保留劳动关系。对拟进行经济性裁员的企业,指导其依法依规制定和实施职工安置方案,提前30日向工会或全体职工说明相关情况,依法依规支付经济补偿,偿还拖欠的职工工资,补缴欠缴的社会保险费。
III. Offering More Jobs   三、开发更多就业岗位
5. Exploring domestic demand to create jobs. The pilot program of developing the community life service industry shall be implemented, the pilot program of the “frontrunner” action of improving the quality and expanding the capacity of the housekeeping service industry shall be implemented, and the housekeeping improvement action and the special campaign of credit construction in the housekeeping service field shall be further advanced. The construction of public tourist facilities shall be strengthened, the construction of regional medical centers shall be advanced, and special campaigns supporting social forces to develop inclusive nursery services shall be developed. The development of the pension service industry shall be supported, and pension service institutions shall be supported in providing services for key groups of people through government procurement of services and other methods. Upgraded consumption of automobiles, household appliances and consumer electronic products shall be encouraged, the scrapping and renewal of old automobiles shall be vigorously promoted in an orderly manner, and cities restricting the purchase of vehicles shall be encouraged to optimize the measures for the restricted purchase of vehicles. The domestic service outsourcing market shall be cultivated and administrative entities, public institutions, and state-owned enterprises shall be supported in purchasing professional services. (五)挖掘内需带动就业。实施社区生活服务业发展试点,开展家政服务业提质扩容“领跑者”行动试点工作,深入推进家政培训提升行动和家政服务领域信用建设专项行动。加强旅游公共设施建设,推进区域医疗中心建设,开展支持社会力量发展普惠托育服务专项行动。支持养老服务业发展,通过政府购买服务等方式,支持养老服务机构向重点人群提供服务。鼓励汽车、家电、消费电子产品更新消费,有力有序推进老旧汽车报废更新,鼓励限购城市优化机动车限购管理措施。培育国内服务外包市场,支持行政事业单位、国有企业采购专业服务。
6. Increasing investment to create jobs. Effective investment shall be rationally increased, the capital ratio of some infrastructure projects shall be appropriately reduced, the issuance and use of special local government bonds shall be accelerated, and accurate investment in key projects of weakness fixing shall be ensured. Transformation of urban old residential communities, shantytown renovation, transformation of rural dilapidated houses, and other projects shall be implemented, the construction of urban parking facilities shall be supported, and the construction of national logistics hub networks shall be accelerated. A new round of major technology transformation and upgrading projects shall be implemented in an in-depth manner. (六)加大投资创造就业。合理扩大有效投资,适当降低部分基础设施等项目资本金比例,加快发行使用地方政府专项债券,确保精准投入补短板重点项目。实施城镇老旧小区改造、棚户区改造、农村危房改造等工程,支持城市停车场设施建设,加快国家物流枢纽网络建设。深入实施新一轮重大技术改造升级工程。
7. Stabilizing foreign trade to expand employment. Research shall be conducted to further reduce import tariffs and institutional costs at an appropriate time, the coverage of export credit insurance shall be expanded, insurance premiums shall be rationally reduced, and the average time for the examination and handling of normal tax refund shall be ensured to be less than 10 working days. The role of industry associations, chambers of commerce, intermediaries and other institutions shall be maximized, enterprises shall be directed to enhance their bargaining power, and the provision of pro bono legal services shall be encouraged. An international marketing service system shall be established, the construction of cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zones shall be accelerated, and comprehensive foreign trade service enterprises shall be improved. (七)稳定外贸扩大就业。研究适时进一步降低进口关税和制度性成本,扩大出口信用保险覆盖面、合理降低保费,确保审核办理正常退税平均时间在10个工作日以内。发挥行业协会、商会、中介机构等作用,引导企业增强议价能力,鼓励提供公益法律服务。建设国际营销服务体系,加快跨境电子商务综合试验区建设,做大做强外贸综合服务企业。
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