May 31, 2010
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Guiding Opinions of the State Council on Accelerating the Establishment of a Sound Economic System with Green, Low-carbon and Circular Development [Effective]
国务院关于加快建立健全绿色低碳循环发展经济体系的指导意见 [现行有效]
Guiding Opinions of the State Council on Accelerating the Establishment of a Sound Economic System with Green, Low-carbon and Circular Development 


(No. 4 [2021] of the State Council) (国发〔2021〕4号)

The people's governments of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government; and all ministries and commissions of the State Council and all institutions directly under the State Council: 各省、自治区、直辖市人民政府,国务院各部委、各直属机构:
Establishing a sound economic system with green, low-carbon and circular development, and promoting eco-friendly economic and social development in all respects is a fundamental strategy of China in terms of addressing challenges facing its resources and ecological environment. For the purposes of implementing the plans of the 19th CPC National Congress, and accelerating the establishment of an adequate economic system with green, low-carbon and circular development, the Opinions are hereby offered as follows: 建立健全绿色低碳循环发展经济体系,促进经济社会发展全面绿色转型,是解决我国资源环境生态问题的基础之策。为贯彻落实党的十九大部署,加快建立健全绿色低碳循环发展的经济体系,现提出如下意见。
I. General Requirements   一、总体要求
1. Guiding ideology: With Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era as guidance, efforts shall be made to further implement the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress and the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Plenary Sessions of the 19th CPC Central Committee, remain fully committed to the underlying principle in Xi Jinping thought on ecological progress, earnestly fulfill the decisions and plans of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, uphold the new notion of development, and push forward green planning, green design, green investment, green construction, green production, green logistics, green lifestyle, and green consumption in every respect and the entire process of economic development. Efforts shall be made to support development based on efficient use of resources, protection of ecological environment, effective control of greenhouse gases, and to make overall plans to advance high-quality development and a high standard of protection. An economic system with green, low-carbon and circular development shall be established so as to ensure that the objectives of peak carbon emissions and carbon neutrality will be realized and that China will make new strides in green development. (一)指导思想。以习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想为指导,深入贯彻党的十九大和十九届二中、三中、四中、五中全会精神,全面贯彻习近平生态文明思想,认真落实党中央、国务院决策部署,坚定不移贯彻新发展理念,全方位全过程推行绿色规划、绿色设计、绿色投资、绿色建设、绿色生产、绿色流通、绿色生活、绿色消费,使发展建立在高效利用资源、严格保护生态环境、有效控制温室气体排放的基础上,统筹推进高质量发展和高水平保护,建立健全绿色低碳循环发展的经济体系,确保实现碳达峰、碳中和目标,推动我国绿色发展迈上新台阶。
2. Working principles (二)工作原则。
Continuing to focus on key areas: Making breakthroughs in key areas such as energy saving, environmental protection, clean production and clean energy; ensuring integrated development with sectors such as agriculture, manufacturing, service and information technologies; and driving the green upgrading of primary, secondary and tertiary industries as well as of infrastructure. 坚持重点突破。以节能环保、清洁生产、清洁能源等为重点率先突破,做好与农业、制造业、服务业和信息技术的融合发展,全面带动一二三产业和基础设施绿色升级。
Adhering to guidance by innovation: Promoting innovations in technologies, models and management; accelerating the establishment of a market-oriented innovation system for the development of green technologies; supporting new types of business models; and building a strong and effective policy support system. 坚持创新引领。深入推动技术创新、模式创新、管理创新,加快构建市场导向的绿色技术创新体系,推行新型商业模式,构筑有力有效的政策支持体系。
Remaining committed to stability while pursuing progress: Working to ensure the smooth combination of green transformation with economic development, technological progress, and alternative industries. 坚持稳中求进。做好绿色转型与经济发展、技术进步、产业接续、稳岗就业、民生改善的有机结合,积极稳妥、韧性持久地加以推进。
Continuing to take a market-oriented approach: Maximizing the role of the market in guiding green transformation, the role of enterprises in acting as primary entities, and the role of various market-oriented trading mechanisms; and giving a strong impetus to green development. 坚持市场导向。在绿色转型中充分发挥市场的导向性作用、企业的主体作用、各类市场交易机制的作用,为绿色发展注入强大动力。
3. Main goals: By 2025, significant improvements will have been made in industrial structure, energy mix and transportation systems, with a notably higher share of green industries, increasingly eco-friendly infrastructure, constantly cleaner production, and considerable gains in green transformation in work and life style. The allocation of energies and resources will be more reasonable, and the efficiency in using energy will be remarkably increased. We will see continuous reduction of the total emissions of pollutants, huge decrease in carbon emission intensity, sustained improvement in ecological environment, a better innovation system for green technologies, and a more efficient system for the implementation of laws, regulations and policies. A production system, a logistics system and a consumption system that comply with the needs of green, low-carbon and circular development will emerge. By 2035, the internal drive for green development will have become stronger, the size of green industries will move to a new high level, and the efficiency in using energy and resources by key sectors and major products will keep in line with international standards. By doing so, an eco-friendly production mode and life style will be widely seen in China, carbon emissions will be stabilized after reaching a peak and then be reduced, fundamental changes will be made in the ecological environment, and the goal of building China into a more beautiful country will be generally achieved. (三)主要目标。到2025年,产业结构、能源结构、运输结构明显优化,绿色产业比重显著提升,基础设施绿色化水平不断提高,清洁生产水平持续提高,生产生活方式绿色转型成效显著,能源资源配置更加合理、利用效率大幅提高,主要污染物排放总量持续减少,碳排放强度明显降低,生态环境持续改善,市场导向的绿色技术创新体系更加完善,法律法规政策体系更加有效,绿色低碳循环发展的生产体系、流通体系、消费体系初步形成。到2035年,绿色发展内生动力显著增强,绿色产业规模迈上新台阶,重点行业、重点产品能源资源利用效率达到国际先进水平,广泛形成绿色生产生活方式,碳排放达峰后稳中有降,生态环境根本好转,美丽中国建设目标基本实现。
II. Improving the production system for green, low-carbon and circular development   二、健全绿色低碳循环发展的生产体系
4. Striving to make industrial production more eco-friendly: Faster steps shall be taken to make several sectors more eco-friendly, including steel and iron, petrochemical, chemical, non-ferrous, building materials, textile, paper-making, and leather. Green product design shall be promoted, and a green manufacturing system shall be established. Efforts shall be made to support the remanufacturing industry, and to strengthen the certification for remanufactured products and promote the application of such products. A comprehensive energy use base shall be established to support the comprehensive use of industrial solid waste. The mode of clean production shall be encouraged, and mandatory clean production reviews shall be conducted in industries with ultra-high energy consumption. The methods of identifying enterprises that are small, poorly managed and heavily polluted shall be improved, and such enterprises shall be ordered to suspend operation, be deregistered, merge with other enterprises, relocate, renovate and improve themselves by categories. A licensing system for pollutant discharge shall be implemented at a faster pace. The management of hazardous wastes in the process of industrial production shall be strengthened. (四)推进工业绿色升级。加快实施钢铁、石化、化工、有色、建材、纺织、造纸、皮革等行业绿色化改造。推行产品绿色设计,建设绿色制造体系。大力发展再制造产业,加强再制造产品认证与推广应用。建设资源综合利用基地,促进工业固体废物综合利用。全面推行清洁生产,依法在“双超双有高耗能”行业实施强制性清洁生产审核。完善“散乱污”企业认定办法,分类实施关停取缔、整合搬迁、整改提升等措施。加快实施排污许可制度。加强工业生产过程中危险废物管理。
5. Accelerating the green development of agriculture: Eco-friendly planting and cultivation shall be encouraged, and the certification and management of green food, and organic farm produce shall be enhanced. The development of eco-agriculture shall be supported, the level of using the manure of poultry and livestock as resources shall be improved, comprehensive use of straw shall be encouraged, the treatment of pollution caused by agricultural films shall be strengthened, and forestry eco-product projects shall be carried out. Efforts shall be made to support water conservation in agriculture, and promote the use of water efficiency technologies. The healthy farming of aquatic products shall be advanced. The campaign of reducing the use of pesticide, veterinary antibiotics and cleaning the original production areas of farm produce shall be implemented. The unified plans of water areas and tidal flats for aquaculture shall be strengthened according to the law. The systems for the management of banned fishing areas shall be enhanced. The integration of agriculture with other industries such as tourism, education, culture and healthcare shall be supported, and the integration of primary, secondary and tertiary industries shall be accelerated. (五)加快农业绿色发展。鼓励发展生态种植、生态养殖,加强绿色食品、有机农产品认证和管理。发展生态循环农业,提高畜禽粪污资源化利用水平,推进农作物秸秆综合利用,加强农膜污染治理。强化耕地质量保护与提升,推进退化耕地综合治理。发展林业循环经济,实施森林生态标志产品建设工程。大力推进农业节水,推广高效节水技术。推行水产健康养殖。实施农药、兽用抗菌药使用减量和产地环境净化行动。依法加强养殖水域滩涂统一规划。完善相关水域禁渔管理制度。推进农业与旅游、教育、文化、健康等产业深度融合,加快一二三产业融合发展。
6. Improving the green development of the service industry: Commercial enterprises shall be encouraged to become more eco-friendly, and a number of green circulation entities shall be cultivated. The sharing economy shall be encouraged in sectors such as travelling and accommodation. The development of trading on unused resources shall be well regulated. The transition of the information service industry towards greenness shall be accelerated, eco-friendly medium and large-sized data centers and computer rooms shall be built, and a green operation and maintenance system shall be established. The green development of the exhibition industry shall be supported, guidance shall be provided to establish the standards of green industries, and the circular use of exhibition facilities shall be promoted. Car repairing, decoration and other similar industries shall be encouraged to use raw materials and accessories with low volatile organic compounds. Hotels and restaurants shall be encouraged not to provide customers with disposable goods. (六)提高服务业绿色发展水平。促进商贸企业绿色升级,培育一批绿色流通主体。有序发展出行、住宿等领域共享经济,规范发展闲置资源交易。加快信息服务业绿色转型,做好大中型数据中心、网络机房绿色建设和改造,建立绿色运营维护体系。推进会展业绿色发展,指导制定行业相关绿色标准,推动办展设施循环使用。推动汽修、装修装饰等行业使用低挥发性有机物含量原辅材料。倡导酒店、餐饮等行业不主动提供一次性用品。
7. Strengthening the green and environmental protection industry: A number of national green industry demonstration bases shall be established, and an open, collaborative and efficient innovation-based ecological system shall be promoted. The cultivation of market entities shall be accelerated, companies with mixed ownership shall be encouraged, and a host of large green industrial groups shall be created. Small and medium-sized enterprises shall be guided to focus on their essential business operations and increase their core competitiveness, and those having cutting-edge technologies shall be given priority. The modes of contracted energy management, contracted water-conservation management and third-party control of environmental pollution shall be supported, and environment management services aiming at improving environmental protection effect shall be encouraged. Further steps shall be taken to increase market access to energy-saving and environmental protection business in sectors such as petrochemical, chemical, electricity and natural gas, and public institutions shall be encouraged to provide energy management services. The guiding catalogue for green industries shall be revised in a timely manner so as to guide the development of relevant industries. (七)壮大绿色环保产业。建设一批国家绿色产业示范基地,推动形成开放、协同、高效的创新生态系统。加快培育市场主体,鼓励设立混合所有制公司,打造一批大型绿色产业集团;引导中小企业聚焦主业增强核心竞争力,培育“专精特新”中小企业。推行合同能源管理、合同节水管理、环境污染第三方治理等模式和以环境治理效果为导向的环境托管服务。进一步放开石油、化工、电力、天然气等领域节能环保竞争性业务,鼓励公共机构推行能源托管服务。适时修订绿色产业指导目录,引导产业发展方向。
8. Promoting circular operations in industrial parks and industrial clusters: The plans for the development and construction of new industrial parks shall be prepared based on scientific analysis, environmental impact assessments shall be conducted according to laws and regulations, rigorous standards shall be set for market access, the industrial chains for the circular economy shall be improved, and the co-existence of circular industries shall be promoted. The current industrial parks and industrial clusters shall be encouraged to take a more circular approach. The sharing of public facilities, cascade use of energy, recycling of resources, and centralized and safe handling of pollutants shall be supported. Comprehensive energy use projects that coordinate the use of various forms of energy such as electricity, heating, cooling and gas shall be encouraged. Industrial parks such as chemical parks shall be encouraged to build centralized storage, pre-treatment and processing facilities for hazardous wastes. (八)提升产业园区和产业集群循环化水平。科学编制新建产业园区开发建设规划,依法依规开展规划环境影响评价,严格准入标准,完善循环产业链条,推动形成产业循环耦合。推进既有产业园区和产业集群循环化改造,推动公共设施共建共享、能源梯级利用、资源循环利用和污染物集中安全处置等。鼓励建设电、热、冷、气等多种能源协同互济的综合能源项目。鼓励化工等产业园区配套建设危险废物集中贮存、预处理和处置设施。
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