May 31, 2010
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Law of the People's Republic of China on the Protection of Disabled Persons (2018 Amendment) [Effective]
中华人民共和国残疾人保障法(2018修正) [现行有效]

Law of the People's Republic of China on the Protection of Disabled Persons



(Adopted at 17th Session of the Standing Committee of the 7th National People's Congress on December 28, 1990; revised for the second time at the 2nd Session of the Standing Committee of the 11th National People's Congress on April 24, 2008; and amended in accordance with the Decision to Amend Fifteen Laws Including the Law of the People's Republic of China on the Protection of Wild Animals at the 6th Session of the Standing Committee of the 13th National People's Congress on October 26, 2018) (1990年12月28日第七届全国人民代表大会常务委员会第十七次会议通过 2008年4月24日第十一届全国人民代表大会常务委员会第二次会议修订 根据2018年10月26日第十三届全国人民代表大会常务委员会第六次会议《关于修改〈中华人民共和国野生动物保护法〉等十五部法律的决定》修正)

Contents 目录
Chapter I General Provisions 第一章 总  则
Chapter II Rehabilitation 第二章 康  复
Chapter III Education 第三章 教  育
Chapter IV Employment 第四章 劳动就业
Chapter V Cultural Life 第五章 文化生活
Chapter VI Social Security 第六章 社会保障
Chapter VII Barrier-free Environment 第七章 无障碍环境
Chapter VIII Legal Liability 第八章 法律责任
Chapter IX Supplementary Provisions 第九章 附  则
Chapter I General Provisions 

第一章 总  则

Article 1 For the purposes of maintaining the lawful rights and interests of disabled persons, developing the cause of disabled persons and ensuring the disabled persons' equal and full participation in social life and their share of the material and cultural wealth of the society, this Law is enacted in accordance with the Constitution.   第一条 为了维护残疾人的合法权益,发展残疾人事业,保障残疾人平等地充分参与社会生活,共享社会物质文化成果,根据宪法,制定本法。
Article 2 A disabled person refers to a person who suffers from the loss or abnormity of a certain organ or function, psychologically, physiologically or in human structure, and has lost all or in part the ability to normally carry out certain activities.   第二条 残疾人是指在心理、生理、人体结构上,某种组织、功能丧失或者不正常,全部或者部分丧失以正常方式从事某种活动能力的人。
Disabled persons include persons with visual, aural, speech and physical disabilities, mental retardation, mental disorder, multiple disabilities, etc. 残疾人包括视力残疾、听力残疾、言语残疾、肢体残疾、智力残疾、精神残疾、多重残疾和其他残疾的人。
The criteria for the classification of disabilities shall be formulated by the State Council. 残疾标准由国务院规定。
Article 3 Disabled persons shall enjoy equal rights with other citizens in political, economic, cultural, social, family life and other aspects.   第三条 残疾人在政治、经济、文化、社会和家庭生活等方面享有同其他公民平等的权利。
The citizen's rights and personal dignity of disabled persons shall be protected by law. 残疾人的公民权利和人格尊严受法律保护。
It shall be prohibited to discriminate against, insult and injure disabled persons and derogate the personal dignity of disabled persons through mass media or by other means. 禁止基于残疾的歧视。禁止侮辱、侵害残疾人。禁止通过大众传播媒介或者其他方式贬低损害残疾人人格。
Article 4 The State shall provide disabled persons with special assistance by adopting supplementary methods and supportive measures so as to alleviate or eliminate the effects of their disabilities and external barriers and ensure the realization of their rights.   第四条 国家采取辅助方法和扶持措施,对残疾人给予特别扶助,减轻或者消除残疾影响和外界障碍,保障残疾人权利的实现。
Article 5 The people's governments at and above the county level shall integrate the cause of disabled persons into the national economic and social development plan, intensify the leadership, make comprehensive coordination and incorporate the operating funds for the cause of disabled persons into the fiscal budget so as to establish a stable operating fund guarantee mechanism.   第五条 县级以上人民政府应当将残疾人事业纳入国民经济和社会发展规划,加强领导,综合协调,并将残疾人事业经费列入财政预算,建立稳定的经费保障机制。
The State Council shall work out an outline for the development of the cause of disabled persons in China. The local people's government at or above the county level shall, according to the outline for the development of the cause of disabled persons in China, work out a program and annual plan on the development of the cause of disabled persons within its administrative area so as to make the cause of disabled persons develop in harmony with the economic and social development. 国务院制定中国残疾人事业发展纲要,县级以上地方人民政府根据中国残疾人事业发展纲要,制定本行政区域的残疾人事业发展规划和年度计划,使残疾人事业与经济、社会协调发展。
The institutions responsible for the work on disabled persons under the people's governments at and above the county level shall be responsible for organizing, coordinating, directing and urging the relevant departments to do a good job in the cause of disabled persons. 县级以上人民政府负责残疾人工作的机构,负责组织、协调、指导、督促有关部门做好残疾人事业的工作。
The people's governments at all levels and relevant departments shall keep in close contact with disabled persons, solicit their opinions and fulfill their respective functions in the work on disabled persons. 各级人民政府和有关部门,应当密切联系残疾人,听取残疾人的意见,按照各自的职责,做好残疾人工作。
Article 6 The state shall take measures to ensure that disabled persons participate in the administration of the state affairs, economy, cultural cause and social affairs according to law and through various channels.   第六条 国家采取措施,保障残疾人依照法律规定,通过各种途径和形式,管理国家事务,管理经济和文化事业,管理社会事务。
In the formulation of laws, regulations, rules and public policies, the opinions of disabled persons and of their organizations shall be heard on the significant issues involving the rights and interests of disabled persons and the cause of disabled persons. 制定法律、法规、规章和公共政策,对涉及残疾人权益和残疾人事业的重大问题,应当听取残疾人和残疾人组织的意见。
Disabled persons and their organizations shall have the right to express their opinions and offer suggestions to the state organs at various levels on the protection of the rights and interests of disabled persons, development of the cause of disabled persons, etc. 残疾人和残疾人组织有权向各级国家机关提出残疾人权益保障、残疾人事业发展等方面的意见和建议。
Article 7 The whole society shall carry forward humanitarianism, understand, respect, care for and help disabled persons, and support the cause of disabled persons.   第七条 全社会应当发扬人道主义精神,理解、尊重、关心、帮助残疾人,支持残疾人事业。
The state shall encourage the social organizations and individuals to provide disabled persons with donations, assistance and services. 国家鼓励社会组织和个人为残疾人提供捐助和服务。
State organs, social groups, enterprises, public institutions, and urban and rural organizations at the grassroots level shall do a good job on disabled persons within their jurisdiction. 国家机关、社会团体、企业事业单位和城乡基层群众性自治组织,应当做好所属范围内的残疾人工作。
State functionaries and other personnel engaged in the work on disabled persons should fulfill their duties according to law, and endeavor to serve the disabled persons. 从事残疾人工作的国家工作人员和其他人员,应当依法履行职责,努力为残疾人服务。
Article 8 The China Disabled Persons' Federation (hereinafter referred to as the CDPF) and its local branches shall, in the common interest of disabled persons, protect the lawful rights and interests of disabled persons, unite and educate disabled persons, and serve disabled persons.   第八条 中国残疾人联合会及其地方组织,代表残疾人的共同利益,维护残疾人的合法权益,团结教育残疾人,为残疾人服务。
The CDPF and its local branches shall, under relevant laws, regulations, articles of association or government authorization, carry out the work on disabled persons, and mobilize social forces to develop the cause of disabled persons. 中国残疾人联合会及其地方组织依照法律、法规、章程或者接受政府委托,开展残疾人工作,动员社会力量,发展残疾人事业。
Article 9 The supporters of disabled persons must perform their obligation to support the disabled person.   第九条 残疾人的扶养人必须对残疾人履行扶养义务。
The guardians of disabled persons must perform their duties of guardianship, and respect the wills and protect the lawful rights and interests of the persons under guardianship. 残疾人的监护人必须履行监护职责,尊重被监护人的意愿,维护被监护人的合法权益。
The family members and guardians of disabled persons shall encourage and help the disabled persons to build up their self-reliance capabilities. 残疾人的亲属、监护人应当鼓励和帮助残疾人增强自立能力。
It shall be prohibited to commit domestic violence against, maltreat or abandon a disabled person. 禁止对残疾人实施家庭暴力,禁止虐待、遗弃残疾人。
Article 10 The state encourages disabled persons to insist on self-respect, self-confidence, self-exertion and self-reliance and make contributions to the socialist construction.   第十条 国家鼓励残疾人自尊、自信、自强、自立,为社会主义建设贡献力量。
Disabled persons shall abide by laws and regulations, perform their due obligations, observe the public order and respect the social ethics. 残疾人应当遵守法律、法规,履行应尽的义务,遵守公共秩序,尊重社会公德。
Article 11 The State shall, in a planned manner, carry out the disability prevention work, strengthen the leadership in this regard, publicize and popularize the knowledge about maternal and child health care and prevention of disabilities, establish a sound mechanism for the prevention, early detection and early treatment of birth defects, and in view of such disability-causing factors as heredity, disease, medicine, accident, calamity and environmental pollution, organize and mobilize social forces to take measures to prevent the occurrence and reduce the degree of disability.   第十一条 国家有计划地开展残疾预防工作,加强对残疾预防工作的领导,宣传、普及母婴保健和预防残疾的知识,建立健全出生缺陷预防和早期发现、早期治疗机制,针对遗传、疾病、药物、事故、灾害、环境污染和其他致残因素,组织和动员社会力量,采取措施,预防残疾的发生,减轻残疾程度。
The state shall establish a sound statistical investigation system for disabled persons so as to conduct statistical investigation and analysis of the status of disabled persons. 国家建立健全残疾人统计调查制度,开展残疾人状况的统计调查和分析。
Article 12 The state and society shall provide special assurance, benefits and preferential treatments to the disabled servicemen, line-of-duty disabled persons and other persons sustaining disability for protecting the interests of the state and the people.   第十二条 国家和社会对残疾军人、因公致残人员以及其他为维护国家和人民利益致残的人员实行特别保障,给予抚恤和优待。
Article 13 The people's governments at all levels and relevant departments shall commend and award those disabled persons who have made outstanding achievements in the socialist construction and those entities and individuals who have made remarkable contributions to safeguarding the lawful rights and interests of, promoting the cause of and providing services to disabled persons.   第十三条 对在社会主义建设中做出显著成绩的残疾人,对维护残疾人合法权益、发展残疾人事业、为残疾人服务做出显著成绩的单位和个人,各级人民政府和有关部门给予表彰和奖励。
Article 14 The third Sunday of May each year shall be the National Day of Assisting Disabled Persons.   第十四条 每年5月的第三个星期日为全国助残日。
Chapter II Rehabilitation 

第二章 康  复

Article 15 The state shall ensure the disabled persons' right to enjoy rehabilitation services.   第十五条 国家保障残疾人享有康复服务的权利。
The people's governments at all levels and relevant governments shall adopt measures to create favorable conditions for the rehabilitation of disabled persons, establish and improve disabled persons rehabilitation service system, carry out key rehabilitation projects in phases, help disabled persons resume normal functions or compensate for lost functions, and enhance their ability to participate in social life. 各级人民政府和有关部门应当采取措施,为残疾人康复创造条件,建立和完善残疾人康复服务体系,并分阶段实施重点康复项目,帮助残疾人恢复或者补偿功能,增强其参与社会生活的能力。
Article 16 The rehabilitation work shall start from the reality, combine modern rehabilitation techniques with traditional Chinese rehabilitation techniques, regard the community as the base and the rehabilitation institutions as the core, and rely on the families of disabled persons; shall lay emphases on the rehabilitation projects which are practical, accessible and widely beneficial, and give priority to the salvage treatment and rehabilitation of disabled children. Scientific technologies meeting the rehabilitation requirements shall be developed, independent innovations shall be encouraged, and research, exploration and application of new rehabilitation technologies shall be strengthened, so as to provide more effective rehabilitation services to disabled persons.   第十六条 康复工作应当从实际出发,将现代康复技术与我国传统康复技术相结合;以社区康复为基础,康复机构为骨干,残疾人家庭为依托;以实用、易行、受益广的康复内容为重点,优先开展残疾儿童抢救性治疗和康复;发展符合康复要求的科学技术,鼓励自主创新,加强康复新技术的研究、开发和应用,为残疾人提供有效的康复服务。
Article 17 The people's governments at all levels shall encourage and support social forces setting up rehabilitation institutions for disabled persons.   第十七条 各级人民政府鼓励和扶持社会力量兴办残疾人康复机构。
The local people's governments at all levels and relevant departments shall organize and direct the urban and rural community service organizations, medical treatment, prevention and healthcare institutions, organizations of disabled persons, families of disabled persons and other social forces to carry out the community rehabilitation work. 地方各级人民政府和有关部门,应当组织和指导城乡社区服务组织、医疗预防保健机构、残疾人组织、残疾人家庭和其他社会力量,开展社区康复工作。
The educational institutions, welfare entities and other service institutions for disabled persons shall create conditions to carry out rehabilitation training activities. 残疾人教育机构、福利性单位和其他为残疾人服务的机构,应当创造条件,开展康复训练活动。
Disabled persons shall, under the instructions of professionals and with the assistance from relevant workers, volunteers and family members, actively take part in the training on functional recovery, self-care ability and work skills. 残疾人在专业人员的指导和有关工作人员、志愿工作者及亲属的帮助下,应当努力进行功能、自理能力和劳动技能的训练。
Article 18 The local people's governments at all levels and relevant departments shall, as needed and in a planned manner, set up medical rehabilitation departments (sections) in medical institutions, form rehabilitation institutions for disabled persons and carry out such work as medical treatment and training for rehabilitation, personnel training, technical guidance and scientific research.   第十八条 地方各级人民政府和有关部门应当根据需要有计划地在医疗机构设立康复医学科室,举办残疾人康复机构,开展康复医疗与训练、人员培训、技术指导、科学研究等工作。
Article 19 Medical colleges and universities and other relevant educational institutions shall, in a planned manner, offer rehabilitation courses and related majors so as to foster various rehabilitation professionals.   第十九条 医学院校和其他有关院校应当有计划地开设康复课程,设置相关专业,培养各类康复专业人才。
The government and the society shall provide various forms of technical training for personnel engaged in the rehabilitation work, popularize knowledge of rehabilitation among disabled persons, their family members, relevant staff members and volunteers, and teach them methods of rehabilitation. 政府和社会采取多种形式对从事康复工作的人员进行技术培训;向残疾人、残疾人亲属、有关工作人员和志愿工作者普及康复知识,传授康复方法。
Article 20 The relevant departments of the government shall organize and support the scientific research, production, supply and maintenance of rehabilitation appliances and auxiliary devices for disabled persons.   第二十条 政府有关部门应当组织和扶持残疾人康复器械、辅助器具的研制、生产、供应、维修服务。
Chapter III Education 

第三章 教  育

Article 21 The State shall ensure the disabled persons' equal right to education.   第二十一条 国家保障残疾人享有平等接受教育的权利。
The people's governments at all levels shall regard the education of disabled persons as an integral part of the national educational cause, make an overall plan, strengthen the leadership, and create conditions for disabled persons to receive education. 各级人民政府应当将残疾人教育作为国家教育事业的组成部分,统一规划,加强领导,为残疾人接受教育创造条件。
...... 政府、社会、学校应当采取有效措施,解决残疾儿童、少年就学存在的实际困难,帮助其完成义务教育。

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