May 31, 2010
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No.6 of Ten Model Cases concerning the Infringement of the Rights and Interests of Minors by the Internet Issued by the Supreme: People v. Ye A
No.6 of Ten Model Cases concerning the Infringement of the Rights and Interests of Minors by the Internet Issued by the Supreme: People v. Ye A (case of dispute over online sale of drugs to minors) 利用互联网侵害未成年人权益的典型案例之六:叶某甲通过网络向未成年人贩卖毒品案
1. Basic facts (一)基本案情
Defendant Ye A, a full-time student 16 years of age, made friends with an unemployed person. The person asked Ye A whether he had friends in need of drugs and said that if they could buy from that person, Ye A could get commissions. From January to February 2017, Ye B, a full-time student 15 years of age, asked Ye A to help buy drugs because a friend of Ye B desired to use drugs and later contacted Ye A through QQ about the location, price, and quantity of drug trading. The two persons traded a total of approximately 1 gram of methamphetamine amounting to a price of CNY800 for three consecutive transactions. 被告人叶某甲(16岁,在校学生)与社会闲散人员交友,社会闲散人员询问叶某甲是否有朋友需要毒品,若有需求可以找其购买,并可以获得好处费。2017年1月至2月期间,叶某乙(15岁、在校学生)因朋友要吸毒请求叶某甲帮忙购买毒品,后通过QQ联系与叶某甲商定毒品交易地点、价格、数量。双方先后三次合计以800元价格交易共约1克甲基苯丙胺。
2. Adjudication (二)裁判结果
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