May 31, 2010
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Guiding Opinions of the China Banking Regulatory Commission on the Regulation of Private Banks [Effective]
中国银监会关于民营银行监管的指导意见 [现行有效]
Guiding Opinions of the China Banking Regulatory Commission on the Regulation of Private Banks 


(No. 57 [2016] of the China Banking Regulatory Commission) (银监发[2016]57号)

All local offices of the China Banking Regulatory Commission (“CBRC”) 各银监局:
In order to implement the spirit of the Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Development of Private Banks (No. 49 [2015], General Office of the State Council), effectively conduct the continuous regulation of private banks, and promote the operation in compliance with laws and regulations and the scientific and stable development of private banks, the following guiding opinions are hereby offered: 为落实《关于促进民营银行发展的指导意见》(国办发〔2015〕49号)文件精神,做好民营银行持续监管工作,促进民营银行依法合规经营、科学稳健发展,现提出如下指导意见:
I. Overall Requirements   一、总体要求
By adhering to the principle of attaching equal importance to prudential regulation and innovative development, the transformation of functions shall be accelerated, and regulatory responsibilities shall be clarified, so as to form the regulatory system for private banks featured by unified rules and systems, clear powers and responsibilities, coordinated operation, and safety and efficiency, and provide guarantee for the steady development of private banks. By adhering to the principle of unifying whole-process regulation, innovative regulation and coordinated regulation, system constraints shall be strengthened; regulation guidance shall be strengthened; and communication and coordination shall be conducted effectively. By adhering to the principle of combining unified regulation and differentiated regulation, private banks shall be urged to abide by various prudential regulation requirements of commercial banks, and the differentiated regulation arrangements shall be made according to the characteristics of private banks. By adhering to the principle of connecting pilot experience with normalized establishment, five principles for the establishment of private banks with private capital shall be implemented effectively. 坚持审慎监管与创新发展并重的原则,加快转变职能,明确监管责任,形成规制统一、权责明晰、运转协调、安全高效的民营银行监管体系,为民营银行稳健发展提供保障。坚持全程监管、创新监管和协同监管相统一的原则,强化制度约束,加强监管引领,做好沟通协调。坚持统一监管和差异化监管相结合的原则,督促民营银行遵守商业银行各项审慎监管要求,根据民营银行特点,实行差异化监管安排。坚持试点经验和常态化设立相衔接的原则,有效落实民间资本发起设立民营银行的五项原则。
II. Clarifying Development Strategies   二、明确发展战略
(1) Characteristic operation. Private banks shall set the orientation of scientific development, specify the differentiated development strategies, develop feasible operation guidelines, maximize comparative advantages, adhere to the characteristic operation, and achieve complementary development and dislocation competition with existing commercial banks. (一)特色经营。民营银行应当确立科学发展方向,明确差异化发展战略,制定切实可行的经营方针,发挥比较优势,坚持特色经营,与现有商业银行实现互补发展、错位竞争。
(2) Market positioning. Private banks shall put focus on conducting the deposit, loan, remittance and other basic business, and provide more pertinent and more convenient financial services for the real economy, especiallymicro, small and medium-sized enterprises, “agriculture, farmers and rural areas” and communities, as well as the entrepreneurship and innovation among all the people. (二)市场定位。民营银行应当着力开展存、贷、汇等基本业务,为实体经济特别是中小微企业、“三农”和社区,以及大众创业、万众创新提供更有针对性、更加便利的金融服务。
(3) Innovation model. Private banks shall be encouraged to explore for innovating on such differentiated and characteristic business models as “setting lower limit for deposits and upper limit for loans” and “attracting deposits primarily from and granting loans primarily for individuals and small and micro-sized enterprises,” and enhance the degree of matching the financial demands of market segments. (三)创新模式。鼓励民营银行探索创新“大存小贷”、“个存小贷”等差异化、特色化经营模式,提高与细分市场金融需求的匹配度。
(4) Use of technologies. Private banks shall be supported in utilizing big data, cloud computing and mobile Internet and other new-general information technologies to make innovations in products, services, management and technologies and provide inclusive financial services, so as to form new driving forces for the sustainable development and innovative development of the banking industry. (四)技术运用。支持民营银行利用大数据、云计算、移动互联等新一代信息技术,开展产品、服务、管理和技术创新,提供普惠金融服务,为银行业持续发展、创新发展注入新动力。
III. Implementing the Rules onPrudential Operations   三、落实审慎经营规则
(1) Corporate governance. Private banks shall strengthen self-discipline, improve the corporate governance and internal control system, establish the corporate governance frameworks that meet development strategies and risk management needs, establish and improve therules on shareholders' meetings, boards of directors and boards of supervisors, and specify their respective functions and rules of procedure; and improve the performing ability of the boards of directors, the boards of directors shall fulfill diligence and responsibilities, have good faith and undertake the ultimate responsibility for the operation and management of the banks. (一)公司治理。民营银行应当加强自我约束,完善公司治理和内控体系,建立符合发展战略和风险管理需要的公司治理架构,建立健全股东大会、董事会、监事会制度,明晰职责和议事规则。提高董事会履职能力,董事会应当勤勉尽责、诚实守信,并承担银行经营和管理的最终责任。
(2) Capital management. Private banks shall strengthen capital management, intensify capital constraints, and establish the sustainable capital replenishment mechanism, so as to ensure that the capital level can keep meeting regulatory requirements and fully resist all kinds of risks. (二)资本管理。民营银行应当加强资本管理,强化资本约束,建立可持续的资本补充机制,确保资本水平持续满足监管要求,充分抵御各类风险。
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