May 31, 2010
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Interim Measures on the Administration of Permits for Civil Space Launch Projects [Effective]
民用航天发射项目许可证管理暂行办法 [现行有效]
Interim Measures on the Administration of Permits for Civil Space Launch Projects
Order No. 12 of the Commission of Science, Technology, and Industry for National Defense of the People's Republic of China
The “Interim Measures on the Administration of Permits for Civil Space Launch Projects” are hereby promulgated, and shall come into force on December 21, 2002.
Director General: Liu Jibin
November 21, 2002
Interim Measures on the Administration of Permits for Civil Space Launch Projects


主任 刘积斌
Chapter I General Provisions

第一章 总则

Article 1 The present measures are formulated with a view to regulating the administration of civil space launch projects, promoting the healthy development of civil space industry, maintaining the state security and the public benefits, and performing the obligations of China as a contracting state to the international outer space convention.
   第一条 为了规范民用航天发射项目管理,促进民用航天产业健康发展,维护国家安全及公众利益,履行我国作为外层空间国际公约缔约国的义务,制定本办法。
Article 2 Civil space launch projects mentioned in the present measures shall refer to the entry of such spacecrafts as satellites inside the territory of China into the outer space not for military purpose, and the entry of such spacecrafts as satellites, etc. over which the natural persons, legal persons or other organizations of the People's Republic of China have had property or have property by means of on-orbit delivery into the outer space from outside of the territory of China.
   第二条 本办法所称民用航天发射项目是指非军事用途,在中国境内的卫星等航天器进入外层空间的行为,以及中华人民共和国自然人、法人或其他组织已拥有产权的或者通过在轨交付方式拥有产权的卫星等航天器在中国境外进入外层空间的行为。
Article 3 The system of permit administration shall apply to the civil space launch projects. Any natural person, legal person or other organization undertaking civil space launch projects shall, in accordance with the present measures, apply for examination and approval, and shall not carry out the civil space launch projects until he/it is found to be qualified upon examination and has obtained for the permit for civil space launch projects (hereinafter referred to as the permit).
   第三条 民用航天发射项目实行许可证管理制度。凡从事民用航天发射项目的自然人、法人或其他组织,应当依照本办法的规定申请审查批准,经审查合格取得民用航天发射项目许可证(以下简称许可证)后,方可从事民用航天发射项目。
Article 4 The Commission of Science, Technology, and Industry for National Defense (hereinafter referred to as the Commission of STIND ) shall apply uniform planning and administration to civil space launch projects, and be responsible for examining, approving and supervising civil space launch projects (hereinafter referred to as projects).
   第四条 国防科学技术工业委员会(以下简称国防科工委)对民用航天发射项目实行统一规划和管理,负责审查、批准和监督民用航天发射项目(以下简称项目)。  
Chapter II Procedures of Application, Examination and Approval

第二章 申请与审批程序

Article 5 The general project contractor shall be the applicant for the permit. Where there is no a domestic general project contractor, the final owner of the satellite or other spacecraft shall be the applicant for the permit.
The applicant for the permit shall meet the following conditions:
   第五条 项目总承包人是许可证申请人。若无国内的项目总承包人,卫星等航天器产权的最终所有人是许可证申请人。
(a) he/it shall abide by the laws and regulations of the state, and maintain the state secrets;
(b) the project under application shall not endanger the state security, damage the benefits of the state, violate the state's diplomatic policies or the international conventions which have been concluded and become effective;
(c) the project under application will not cause irremediable danger to the health, safety or properties of the public due to major negligence or intentional acts;
(d) he/it shall have the relevant permission documents for carrying out the project under application, which are issued by the relevant departments of the state;
(e) he/it shall have the technical strength, economic strength and complete technical documents for carrying out the project under application;
(f) other conditions provided for in laws, regulations or rules.
Article 6 The applicant shall, 9 months before the prearranged month for the launch of the project, submit the following documents (in triplets) to the Commission of STIND:
   第六条 申请人应当在项目预定发射月的9个月之前,向国防科工委提交下列文件(一式三份):
(a) the application letter for the permit for the civil space launch project and the materials on examination of the qualification of the applicant for the permit;
(b) the relevant materials proving that the project conforms to the laws and regulations of the state on environmental protection;
(c) for a project in the stage of a domestic executive launching site, the prearranged time for launch, the technical requirements on the satellite, the carrier rocket and the communication system for launch, observation and control, the detailed orbital parameters of the carrier rocket, the survey report on the landing area or recovering place, and the documents on detailed orbital parameters of the satellite and use of frequency resources shall be provided;
for a project in the stage of a foreign executive launching site, copies of the legally binding documents on orbital parameters, etc. of the carrier rocket and the satellite, and copies of the permission documents on the use of the relevant frequency resources shall be submitted;
a Chinese satellite launcher shall provide a copy of the “Radio Station License of the People's Republic of China” issued by the Ministry of Information Industry for the space station;
(d) the safety design report relating to the project and materials on guaranty of the public security; supplementary materials on the reliability of key safety system, on affects of the normal state and malfunction of the carrier rocket during the launch to the property and personal safety near the launching site and within the scope of the launch track, on how to avoid pollution and space debris, and on other relevant safety; for a foreign-related project, the materials on policy evaluation and confidentiality and safety evaluation must also be submitted.

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