May 31, 2010
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Regulation on Registration and Administration of Social Organizations [Revised]
社会团体登记管理条例(1998) [已被修订]
Order of the State Council of the People's Republic of China

Regulation on Registration and Administration of Social Organizations was Published by the State Council at the 8th ordinary session on 25/9/98, to take effect from that date.

Regulation on Registration and Administration of Social Organizations



总理 朱镕基

第一章 总则

Article 1: These regulations are issued in order to guarantee citizens' freedom of association, to protect society's legal rights and interests, to promote the registration and management of social organizations, and promote socialist material and spiritual civilization.
   第一条 为了保障公民的结社自由,维护社会团体的合法权益,加强对社会团体的登记管理,促进社会主义物质文明、精神文明建设,制定本条例。
Article 2: In these regulations 'social organization' means voluntary groups formed by Chinese citizens in order to realize a shared objective, according to their rules and to develop non profit making activities.
All groups other than state organs may join social organizations as institutional members.
   第二条 本条例所称社会团体,是指中国公民自愿组成,为实现会员共同意愿,按照其章程开展活动的非营利性社会组织。
Article 3: To become established, social organizations must be approved by the authorized department [zhuguan danwei] and follow the registration procedure set out in these regulations.
Social organizations must have the status of a legal entity [faren tiaojian].
These regulations do not apply to the following organizations:
   第三条 成立社会团体,应当经其业务主管单位审查同意,并依照本条例的规定进行登记。
I. Peoples organizations which participate in the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference.
II. Organs under the administration of the authorized State Council departments
III. State organs and groups, enterprises and institutional units [shiye danwei], and their internal bodies or groups.
Article 4: Social organizations must observe the constitution, state laws, regulations and state policy; must not oppose the basic principles of the constitution, harm the unity, security or ethnic harmony of the state, or interests of the state and society, or the lawful interests of other organizations or citizens, or offend social morality.
Social organizations may not undertake profit seeking activities.
   第四条 社会团体必须遵守宪法、法律、法规和国家政策,不得反对宪法确定的基本原则,不得危害国家的统一、安全和民族的团结,不得损害国家利益、社会公共利益以及其他组织和公民的合法权益,不得违背社会道德风尚。
Article 5: The state will protect social organizations and their activities conducted in accordance with the law, regulations and rules; other organizations or persons must not unlawfully interfere with them.
   第五条 国家保护社会团体依照法律、法规及其章程开展活动,任何组织和个人不得非法干涉。
Article 6: The Ministry of Civil Affairs and local Civil Affairs departments at county level and above are the basic peoples government agencies for registration and management of social organizations. (Below, these are referred to as 'registration and management agencies' [dengji guanli jiguan]. State Council relevant departments and local government relevant departments at county level and above, or organs empowered by the State Council or local government at county level and above, serve as the relevant leading units of social organizations in related trade, scientific or other professional areas (These are below referred to as 'professional leading units' [yewu zhuguan danwei]).
Laws, administrative laws and regulations regarding the supervision and management of social organizations, will take effect in conjunction with other laws, administrative laws and regulations.
   第六条 国务院民政部门和县级以上地方各级人民政府民政部门是本级人民政府的社会团体登记管理机关(以下简称登记管理机关)。国务院有关部门和县级以上地方各级人民政府有关部门、国务院或者县级以上地方各级人民政府授权的组织,是有关行业、学科或者业务范围内社会团体的业务主管单位(以下简称业务主管单位)。

第二章 管辖

Article 7: National level social organizations must register with and be managed by State Council registration and management agencies; local social organizations must register with and be managed by the local People's Government registration and management agencies; inter-area social organizations must register with and be managed by common higher level peoples registration and management agencies.
   第七条 全国性的社会团体,由国务院的登记管理机关负责登记管理;地方性的社会团体,由所在地人民政府的登记管理机关负责登记管理;跨行政区域的社会团体,由所跨行政区域的共同上一级人民政府的登记管理机关负责登记管理。
Article 8: If the registration and management agency and the professional leading unit are not in the same place as a social organization, then supervision and management can be deputed to local registration and management agencies and professional leading units.
   第八条 登记管理机关、业务主管单位与其管辖的社会团体的住所不在一地的,可以委托社会团体住所地的登记管理机关、业务主管单位负责委托范围内的监督管理工作。

第三章 成立登记

Article 9: Candidate social organizations must be investigated and approved [shencha] by a professional leading unit, and applying persons [faqi ren] must make preliminary application to the registration and management agency.
   第九条 申请成立社会团体,应当经其业务主管单位审查同意,由发起人向登记管理机关申请筹备。
Article 10: To establish a social organization the following conditions must be satisfied:
   第十条 成立社会团体,应当具备下列条件:
I. An organization must have more than 50 individual members or more than 30 institutional members or, if it has both individual and institutional members, a total of at least fifty.
II. It must have a standard name, and organizational capacity.
III. It must have a fixed location.
IV. It must have staff with qualifications appropriate to the professional activities of the organization.
V. It must have lawful assets and a source of funds. National level organizations must have a minimum of 100,000 yuan to cover their activities; local social organizations and inter-area social organizations must have a minimum of 30,000 yuan.
VI. It must be legally liable in its own right.
A social organization's name must comply with the law and statutory regulations and must not offend public morality. A social organization's name must reflect its activities, character and area of operations. Where national organizations use 'Chinese', 'All-China' etc, in their titles, they must be approved in accordance with the relevant state regulations. Local social organizations cannot use 'National', 'Chinese', 'All China' etc in their names.
Article 11: Persons applying to set up social organizations must supply the registration and management agency with the following documents:
   第十一条 申请筹备成立社会团体,发起人应当向登记管理机关提交下列文件:
I. Preliminary application.
II. A document of approval from the professional leading unit.
III. A record of assets and proof of right of use of premises.
IV. Verification of identity and basic situation of intended people in charge and persons applying.
V. A draft of the constitution.
Article 12: Within 60 days of receiving the documents stipulated in Article 11 of these regulations, the registration and management agency must decide whether or not to approve the registration of an organization, and in the case of refusal must explain the reason to the persons making the application.
   第十二条 登记管理机关应当自收到本条例第十一条所列全部有效文件之日起60日内,作出批准或者不批准筹备的决定;不批准的,应当向发起人说明理由。
Article 13: The registration and management agency will not approve the registration preparation in any of the following cases:
   第十三条 有下列情形之一的,登记管理机关不予批准筹备:

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